Thursday, 11 December 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt: Ready, Steady, Done 7

As it’s been a while since our last free-write… set a timer for ten minutes. Write without pause (and no edits!) until you’re out of time. Then, publish what you have (it’s your call whether or not to give the post a once-over).

Robin in garden

The robins have returned. I have not a clue where they go in summer, but in winter they return. It is cold outside, a nip in the air and Christmas is coming so the robins decided they should return. Probably Santa gave them a nudge to complete our Christmas ideal. Of course if I lived in Australia, they would be out of place, and probably I would be happy if a parakeet or a budgerigar would settle on a tree. 

I have just returned from a outing with Mr. Swiss in town. He had to go to the eye doctor so I had to drive. I do not like driving. There are people that have gas in their veins instead of blood and a motor to drive the heart. Instead of feet they have pedals. I am not one of those people, and my best driving talent is to drive people to confusion. However, I had to drive, I had no choice. Mr. Swiss has impaired sight in the right eye, but it is just temporary according to the doc. For the doc temporary means months, so big deal. The journey went OK. I encountered the first problem entering the parking silo. I had to use my entrance ticket to raise the barrier. No problem you might think, but I had to steer the car to get near enough for it to talk to the flashing light with my plastic card. I am tall, have long arms thank goodness, but I still had to contort my body to stretch far enough for the card to make contact. There was success and the barrier was raised. The parking house is below ground level and constructed that you drive in a spiral direction until you find the first empty space.

Basically it is an easy place to park, just fill in the first gap you see. The problem is that the parking is in town and during the day there is a working population that needs a place for its transport. I became  quite dizzy driving in a sinking spiral until I found an appropriate space. Did I see a gentleman with horns stoking a fire as I finally arrived in the deepest part to park the car? Did he look at me with his red rimmed eyes and mutter the sentence “Welcome to Hell” with smoke billowing out of his ears? No I probably imagined this, but I noticed the temperature had increased when I left the car. Perhaps I was still perspiring with relief after parking the car. Mr. Swiss disappeared as we were very tight on time and I unsaddled the car all on my own. 

I was now let loose all on my own. My first stop was to visit my doctor who was in the same area and replenish my stock of tabs for measuring my blood sugar. I then took a walk around a building site nearby watching the workers constructing a new training school in our town.  It was too cold to hover around and I decided to wait for Mr. Swiss in the waiting room of his doctor. I was engrossed in reading about the various private lives of the rich and famous in one of those doctor’s waiting room magazines when Mr. Swiss appeared, the pupils of his eyes twice their normal size due to the eye drops. The doctor was happy, Mr. Swiss was not so happy, but they have another rendez-vous at the end of the year an now it was time for the return journey.

I took my place in the driver’s seat and noticed the front window was still open as I had forgotten to close it after using my entrance ticket. It could only get better. I waved the horned gentleman goodbye (I notice he also had a tail with a forked point at the end). He also waved goodbye and said something about “see you again some time”. Not if I see you first was my thought. Driving down the spiral of the parking house was no big deal, but now I had to begin the ascent and I was deep down. The driving space was very narrow and I had obstacles on both sides. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw the barrier to let me out. Did I hear angels singing, no it was just my imagination probably. This time I made sure I drove close enough to the barrier opening light. I just managed to prevent a collision before applying my ticket, but freedom was near. Just a quick drive up the ramp and I was again let loose on the road to home. 

We arrived safe and sound which was more luck than judgement. And there we have my 10 minutes of Ready Set Done 7, not counting the pauses in between where I had to gather my thoughts to continue. 

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