Sunday, 7 December 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt: Recently Acquired

What’s the most important (or interesting, or unexpected) thing about blogging you know today that you didn’t know a month ago?

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What do I know today, that I didn’t know a month ago in my blogging realm? A very good question, so I had to search for an answer. One of the answers is included in this screen shot part of my blogging administration page. We probably all have it, but we ignore it or not, according to its necessity.

Since blogging I have attempted to achieve fame, financial gain and recognition. As far as the fame and finance is concerned, I am still waiting. The recognition arrives when my disciples click a “like” or make a comment on my blog. Not a natural consequence of my efforts, but a sign that I am loved (or something like that). Of course I also do my friendly clicking, eagerly wanting to know what the others write.

Today I discovered something new which probably all Mac users already know. I wanted to do a screen shot with a snipping tool, not the complete enchilada, just a section, so I visited Mr. Google and found the answer to my quest. Of course Apple/Mac does it as well, how could they fall behind the almighty Windows machine. With a combination of three keys you have your screen shot. Being computer literate, I of course reached my target immediately. I had a problem finding where the screen shot arrived, but with usage of a few profanities and trials with errors, I discovered my screenshot behind  on the main screen. What to do with this screen shot? If in doubt do a right sided click on your supersonic bluetooth mouse and the answer is to be found. I could even automatically transport this screenshot into my Flickr photo page, all with courtesy of Mr. Apple/Mac. The result can be seen above. Why did Mrs. Angloswiss want to shoot this screen for her blog? A very good question.

There are various tabs. The first is the news from WordPress. We all have to keep up with the latest developments. I remember our new, wonderful and original grid being featured on this page. Opinions differ as to the advantages and disadvantages.

To move on: the next tab is Top Blogs. I search this daily to see which position my blog has now attained, but it is still invisible to the blogging population. For some reason I am always overlooked. Amongst the top ten I find permanently Cute Puppy Love and The Simpsons Tapped Out Addicts. I like puppies, no problem, it is because I have two felines at home that I have no puppies: a matter of canine v. feline. I am also a Simpson fan. This strange cartoon picturing a family where the father works in the local nuclear power plant. The children and wife are also somewhat strange, but this has warranted a regular appearance on the top blogs and what is a tapped out addict. What am I doing wrong? I have so much to tell about my blogging life. I must have a word with Wordy, my contact man in WordPress Silicon valley. 

The next column is “Top Posts” where I am also not a regular feature. I have never been there. Again I am a regular visitor to this tab, and again I see the same top posts daily. Where are my posts? Am I writing the wrong things, should I be more WordPress faithful praising the attributes and ideas of the team? Or does no-one bother to change the rota, another job with the motto, “no-one bothers to read it anyhow”. 

The last column shows “Latest”. Are these contestants too late to appear, or does this latest list change every 2-3 seconds, due to the influx of blogs on the WordPress site? My blog has never appeared, it is ignored. 

To answer the blog question, in the last month I have learnt nothing new. Ah, I forgot. In my WordPress blogging life I have met many wonderful bloggers, We get to know each other and they get to know me, in a virtual way. On this journey I have even met two bloggers from Switzerland, making three of us. My last new encounter was within the last month and now and again we talk to each other in connection with our blogging experiences.

Something else I know today, although I have known it all the time. No matter what I write no human being in the WordPress central will read it. Once it was liked (no names mentioned), but it was probably a fluke, not intended, the finger slipped to the wrong key.

I still continue blogging hoping that one day a Pulitzer or Nobel prize scout will tumble upon my blog and ask for my bank account no. for its deserved financial reward. In this sense I will leave you, but will return tomorrow same time same place and perhaps top of the bloggers hit parade in WordPress.

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  1. I can't think of anything that I know now that I didn't a month ago, at least not in relation to blogging or other online posting activities.