Saturday, 6 December 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt: Gut Feeling

When’s the last time you followed your instinct despite not being sure it was the right thing to do? Did it end up being the right call?


I know, I know, but it was more than a gut feeling that I bought this king-size extra large panettone. Today is my birthday. Of course I did not want to scream it from the highest peak, daily prompt is sufficient, but I though I would let you all know, just in case you did not know. Basically I am a modest person.Those of you who join me in my happy social site Facebook will know that today is my birthday as it appears automatically to let everyone know, because I organised it that way. 

Even Google congratulated me this morning when I did my computer switch-on at the breakfast table. “Happy Birthday” Google said, that Mr. Google knew today was my birthday, amazing. Wordy did not call me on the phone, or send me one of those nice animated cards from the WordPress central, neither did I get a telegramme to say how much my participation was appreciated in the daily prompt, although it goes without saying and I am convinced that my long longed-for WordPress t-shirt is winging its way across the Atlantic to Switzerland.

In the meanwhile Son No. 1 presented me with the latest CD from my all time favourite singing Italian pianist, Paolo Conte (I now have all of them) and Son No. 2 paid a visit during the week heavily laden with books to keep me out of mischief. Mr. Swiss and I buy our own presents, it is much easier, I know what I want and he knows what he wants. However a small contribution in the shape of Swiss special chocolates from the local do-it-yourself confiserie arrived some time during the week.

What more can I say. Gut feelings are no longer an occupational hazard when you become a golden oldie and are cast to the cemetery of the retired senior citizens. Today’s gut feelings are exclusively combined with my digestive system. I can now do what I want to do and not what I have to do. Not that I feel like taking a jump from the local bridge into the river for a swim, although the headline and photo in the local newspaper might be a sensation. I could participate in a marathon, but I might shame the other seniors as I overtake them and win the prize

Talking of prizes, I have still not been presented with my Pulitzer, ManBooker or Nobel prize for enterprising, original and first class literature. I still have something to look forward to. I do not have a gut feeling about this, because my idea was stolen when I was going to write “50 Shades of Angloswiss”. I am sure my book would have made more impact, telling about when I was discovered by the local senior home to organise ….., no forget it, they told me not to bother to apply for a accommodation when my computer days were gone, my company was not required it seemed. And all I wanted to do was ………

What will I be doing this evening. Will I have a golden oldie rip-roaring party? Will I wine and dine in the most expensive restaurant? Sorry to disappoint but I will have my usual quiet golden oldie evening at home, reading a book and seeing what the TV has to offer. My happy-go-lucky days of celebrations are no longer. The physical exhaustion arrives when I leave my armchair. I would love to go to a beat-rock concert, singing along and swaying with them all, holding a lighter in the air and waving it to show my appreciation. Unfortunately the last time I made this attempt I discovered that the decibels were not agreeable to my ears and I was accompanied by a strange whistling sound the day afterwards. Another problem is that there does not seem to be seating accommodation and standing for 2-3 hours at a concert would not be my idea of relaxing fun. 

So another year gone, a few more grey hairs, and a new computer. Yes, did I tell you, my birthday present to me was my new Apple Macbook pro with all mod cons. Now what golden oldie aged 68 would change from Windows to Mac - no many. Admittedly I repeatedly had problems with my passwords at the beginning, That had less to do with brain cells not renewing themselves and forgetfulness, it was more the stiff joints in my fingers. These passwords have to have a capital letter, a sign, your blood group as well as a secure fire wall. I burnt my fingers when setting it all up.  And now to something completely different, half an hour Tai Chi to keep my joints oiled and cooking a 5 star menu for the evening meal.

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  1. Happy Birthday, Pat!! I know what you mean about not wanting to do energetic partying when getting older. Last night was the annual Christmas dinner for the team I am on at work (yes, on the 5th of December!!) and although I really enjoyed it, towards the end of the evening all I could think about was getting home, putting on my slippers and watching some TV. I only managed part of that.....I got home, put my slippers on, then promptly fell asleep!! LOL

    1. I am with you on that Mitch, although I now have the benefit of a lunchtime golden oldie sleep. Those Christmas get togethers I do not miss at all.

  2. Hope you got my birthday wishes I sent from G+ Pat. It did say it had sent them. Huggles.

    1. Many thanks Shayna, I don't often look in detail on G+.