Tuesday, 9 December 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt: Feeling Fancy

You’re given unlimited funds to plan one day full of any and all luxuries you normally can’t afford. Tell us about your extravagant day with as much detail as possible.

Tai Chi Practice

I have just returned from my Tuesday afternoon hour Tai Chi course. On the photo you can see the set up I have at home when practicing. My ironing board with the computer balancing on it, showing the DVD of the exercise I practice daily with the master Paul Lamm. He will be visiting our town in Switzerland next year on his annual Tai Chi tour and our teacher gave us a leaflet if we were interested. I thought, yes, why not and then I saw the price. I decided 400 Swiss Francs for two days was a little high, so I will continue with my daily DVD practice and the weekly lesson. It is cheaper. I would not even classify this as a luxury to feel fancy on my one day of luxury.

I saw the prompt before I left for my Tai Chi lesson, so I had time to let is drift through my brain and the result was nothing. I have no luxury wishes for one day, my wish is that my body would function as it did 20 years ago. The pains in my joints disappearing would be a luxury, which money could not buy unfortunately. The problem with the joint pains is that they go and arrive somewhere else. It might be in the morning that I arise and my feet hurt. When the afternoon arrives my feet are ok, but my hips might complain. Is this some sort of travelling complaint not yet discovered by the doctors, am I unique? I do not think so, I believe it is signs of old age sleeking into my body. If there would be a clinic to heal all of this, I would gladly donate my unlimited funds for a positive result.

You might think I could engage a cleaning institute for a day to do all the work, but no. I have come to the conclusion that cleaning keeps me fit, so why pay someone to do it all for me. I would like to see Paris again, but this cannot be done in a day even with unlimited funds. I need a week to walk along the Champs Elysée, to visit the Louvre and have a coffee at Georges V. I want to climb the Eiffel tower again (by lift naturally), look at the view of Paris from the top. I want to visit Montmartre and have my portrait drawn by one of the artists. I actually did the last time I was there. An artistic looking Frenchman with three day beard, not exactly god’s gift to woman, but he thought so. It was one of those unforgettable experiences in life that I would like to repeat, just for the fun.

I want to revisit Vienna, eat Tafelspitz (boiled beef with veg) in an Austrian restaurant and sit in a coffee house and watch the Austrian world go bye. Eat a Sachertorte at the Hotel Sacher. Once again visit the Zentralfriedhof (cemetry), the largest cemetry in Europe. I want to take a ride in the giant Ferris wheel they have, the Prater, and eat a meal whilst seeing the sights of Vienna suspended somewhere above the city.

I want to visit New York again and see the things I missed out on the first time.You see I do not do luxuries, I just want to see it all and do it. You know what would really be a good thing? To be able to visit the people I have met online on my blogging adventure. I want to see them, talk to them, share a contact experience in real life and not just online. I am sure we would have a ball, a laugh and something never to forget.

I want to see a tornado (from a distance of course), I want to see the Northern lights but these are not things that money can buy. They are life’s experiences. It seems that I am just content to be as I am. Just give me good health to be able to do it, but that is not something money cannot buy. So I will continue my daily Tai Chi exercises and continue blogging and dream of one day meeting some of you, not even WordPress can buy that experience. 

Oh, I just remembered, we now have upgraded stats and navigation enhancements on our WordPress journey. So, yes, WordPress, just buy me one of those new fantastic iPhone 6 kingsized with someone to show me how these new enhancements work, because my little iPhone is probably too small and too old to understand it all. I know that its golden oldie owner will never understand it, but perhaps I do not need it when everything else works perfectly on my Wordpress pages. 

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  1. Like you, many of the things I could think of would involve travel and could not be done in the space of a single day.