Tuesday, 12 August 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt: A Bookish Choice

A literary-minded witch gives you a choice: with a flick of the wand, you can become either an obscure novelist whose work will be admired and studied by a select few for decades, or a popular paperback author whose books give pleasure to millions. Which do you choose?

Fluffy having a sleep behind the books

“Fluffy, wake up, a literary-minded WordPress witch wants to flick her wand and make me famous.”

“Huh, I can make you famous with the flick of my tail. Just give me a plate of tuna fish. Tell her to go away and come another day when I am not resting.”

Typical feline and my future depends on this. Oh, good, Fluffy the cat has retired to the kitchen for a plate of vitamin-packed pellets.

I am sure you are all anticipating my decision, what will she choose? I know it is difficult. Somehow the word “obscure” does not appeal to me. It would give the impression that I am unknown. This does not conform with the truth. Everyone recognises my talents. I slave away daily in the Daily Prompt world of WordPress putting my brilliant ideas to virtual print, being read universally from east to west and north to south, what more could you want. I think the obscure choice is not me.

I do not want to be something that will be honoured and recognised in a few decades when I am long gone. I would leave this world in a shabby attic room, somewhere in the slums of the city and it would not be noticed. One day my book of unforgettable blogs might would be discovered. The building where I wrote my works of world literature would be condemned and emptied for demolition. It is then that my skeleton would be discovered where bony fingers would be touching the keyboard of a computer (Windows 7). First of all the computer would fetch a large sum at an auction, as it would be the time of Windows 50 probably.

The hard disk of this antique computer would be analysed and the lifetime works of Angloswiss would become famous. My descendants would reap the benefits of my genial works of literature. I would be cast into a dark and gloomy corner of a churchyard, a pauper’s grave with a cheap stone showing just one inscription R.I.P. www angloswiss com and forgotten. The fruits of my work would be harvested by an unknown offspring and I would leave my earthly existence with nothing. Witch, forget it. I want it all and I want it now (sounds like a good title to a song).

So let us churn out the paperbacks and the Kindle free downloads. Who buys a hard cover today or even a paperback?: too expensive and too many pages. I write a daily blog, but would not have the perseverance to produce pages establishing my writing talent in the annals of world literature. I am sure that the woman with her 50 Shades of Grey earnt more in 5 minutes that Charles Dickens did in five months, but he did not have Kindle. I live on Kindle, I download them regularly and I would love to be one of those that belong to the Kindle downloads.

“Fred, did you see they are offering an Angloswiss original at half price in Kindle.” (Excerpt from a Facebook entry)

“Oh, I must have that Joe.” Click, click and my book has been downloaded and I have again made a turnover of a few dollars/pounds/Swiss francs. It might not be a fortune for a sale at half price, but it surmounts and to top it all, I am still alive and can reap the benefits.

Dead authors might be remembered forever, but rather alive and earning money.

“Oh, what have I done”, the witch is crying. “The choice was obscure, but remembered forever or paperback, my wand does not do Kindle.”

“Sorry witch, but you have to go with the times. Even wands are out of date, wave your computer mouse and it will all happen much faster if you go online. What did you say? WordPress cannot pay the costs for a computer, they used up all their funds setting up the grid with the new look and banning Pingbacks. Now don’t cry little witch you are drenching my daily blog in salty tears and it might cause a short circuit on the computer. Just place a spell on the all the men in the WordPress t-shirts and infect them with more brilliant Daily Prompt ideas. I don’t want to be celebrated every day, just a WordPress t-shirt XXL size will do and they could perhaps publish my blogs in an omnibus edition and send a copy to the Pulitzer organisation. In the meanwhile Kindle will do.”

And to a new exciting theme tomorrow: Old Nick has decided to write his memoirs and asked you if you would write them. Would you sell your soul for the privilege?

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  1. I see Fluffy has parked himself behind some Harry Potter books. Appropriate for today's theme.....witch, wizard....almost the same!!

    Pat, could I ask if you are available to host the next 'Picture This' challenge this coming weekend? I'll send this request by PM on Facebook, too, as I'm not sure which you will see first.

    1. On of fluffy's favourite places for a sleep.

      Sorry Mitch, not possible this week, I sent my answer on FB already