Monday, 11 August 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt: New Wrinkles

You wake up one day and realize you’re ten years older than you were the previous night. Beyond the initial shock, how does this development change your life plans?

Isadora Duncan

Oh goodie, another chance to show one of my fantastic encouraging photos from The Père LaChaise cemetery in Paris depicting my future in ten years. Ok, no-one really knows, but when you are nowapproaching your 68th birthday and in ten years it will be 78, anything can happen. Not that I would compare myself to Isadora Duncan, although I do have some revolutionary ideas sometimes, it is just that my joints creak and get fixed and I cannot share her dancing career. She already died at the age of 50, due to her long scarf being entangled in the spoke of a car wheel. Luckily I do not wear long scarves and my car wheel has no spokes.

Looking on the sunny side of life, I am now already18 years older than Isadora Duncan when she died, although I believe her limbs were more agile than mine.

As far as the wrinkles are concerned, at the moment I have none according to the words of Mr. Swiss. Perhaps he does not notice them, does he really look at me? I think he is too involved in his own ageing process. He does have a few wrinkles, but they make him even more interesting than he already is.

In this connection, I would have no change in life plans. I was only thinking this morning about when my time comes, although I seem to have a new brilliant idea daily. I settled for a cremation some time ago. It is cheaper and cleaner. Sorry to disappoint you flies and worms, but that’s the way the graveyard goes. I think I will have my ashes sprinkled, but have not yet decided where. The river Aar is quite near, but that flows into other countries, and eventually into the sea I suppose, so let’s keep it local. I think I will have them thrown over my garden for a nice touch of compost. A nice little plaque in Isadora Duncan style would be OK with my www address of course, but I do not think they do that at our local cemetery.

I like the bit about “initial shock”. Who has an “initial shock”, it is fate. Sometimes it creeps up on us and one day you might want to spring out of bed but realise the springing is now a thump as you fall on the ground. As far as changing life’s plans is concerned, I do not have any plans, do you.?

At my age you are just glad to be able to write a shopping list and actually visit the supermarket to complete the job of shopping. My biggest problem at the moment is Thursday. I have an appointment at the local hospital for an X-ray of my hip bone – you see no wrinkles, just cracks. Of course an x-ray is no big deal, no painful experience, just a photo. My first appointment would have been nine in the morning, but I had visions of arising at the crack of dawn, showering and being subjected to early morning stress. I managed to postpone the appointment to two in the afternoon. You think, much better, Mrs. Angloswiss has time to prepared herself. There is one large disadvantage, Mrs. Angloswiss sleeps after lunch from approximately 1.30 p.m. until 3.00 p.m. which causes a grave disturbance of my routine. However I must be thankful for small mercies and cannot expect the town hospital to re-arrange all appointments to suit my timetable, although 4.00 p.m. would l have been better.

Hope to see you all tomorrow and think about it. If you write tomorrow’s daily prompt, you might need more time due to the arthritis in the fingers which appeared overnight because you will be perhaps ten years older.

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  1. I wouldn't be concerned about wrinkles or things like that. I guess the main thing with me would be I'd have less time left to visit all the places I've not yet managed to visit!!