Thursday, 24 July 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt: Musical Marker

We all have songs that remind us of specific periods and events in our lives. Twenty years from now, which song will remind you of the summer of 2014?

Thankyou Mr. WordPress Daily Prompt man for subjecting me to watch approximately twenty videos of songs belonging to my other fellow bloggers when I toured other contributuions. They were not particularly my taste in music and have no connection for me to Summer 2014. Today I am being a 100% misery guts, but I have absolutely no music to annoy people with for Summer 2014. I do not even bother to turn the radio on, I let others do that and just let it flow. Mr. Swiss likes to listen to his sort of jazz, but mostly with earphones.

I was subjected to about ten National Anthems of various countries participating in the Football World Cup in Brasil as Mr. Swiss was a regular viewer. Eventually I knew them all and was singing the Brasilian national song along with the others, even if I did not know the words. I did know the words of the German Anthem, and as they won, it was often played. They even played the Swiss national song now and again, but as we went home quite early, it did not exactly become top of the international hit parade. Of course our Swiss national TV programme brought their idea of match entertainment during the games and every evening we were confronted with Brasil as it sings and dances with a mixture of Bossa Nova rhythms. I don’t mind it, but was not sorry to see it go.

I could perhaps play the Tour de France song: even they have an anthem. It is THE national French bicycle race although this year they began in England, returned to France and made a couple of detours into Belgium and Spain, so it got very international. Mr. Swiss is a keen fan of the race and as a freeloader I am also following those lovely sun burnt legs of the cyclists, but only at a distance. The winter of the day is either given some sort of trophy for the fastest  mountain ascent and descent or he gets some sort of special t-shirt for peddling over the winning line. They have a super leader who is allowed to wear the yellow t-shirt for being the overall leader, something like WordPress blogger of the year t-shirt, the one I still have not yet received (size XXL in case someone in making notes on my blogs). I just wanted to say that they play the Tour de France national song after all these winners accept their prizes, but it does not seem to have any words like “Up with the yellow t-shirt” or “the nicest legs in the race”.

If you are missing my usual prize suspicious photo, do not worry. I have a video, yes, but no music. I live at the foot of the Jura mountains, a friendly area where the hedgehogs and rabbits say goodnight to each other. The weather usually behaves as we are situated on a high level above the local river. We have a few rivers in the area, one being the Emme which flows through the Emmental (where the cheese with more holes than cheese originates) and it eventually flowes into our local river Aare. Today they gave out a storm warning. We had a monsoon season last week and it is still raining in some places. The Emme is now full to overflowing. Housewives at home were being called on the phone by their husbands who were working. “Leave the house at once, a flood is coming” and it did. Most of the houses were taken by surprise. One man had to find refuge in the top floor of the house within an hour. Apparently it is the highest water level in the Emme since 350 years. It is not yet that bad where I live, but the near village of Biberist has been warned and the firemen and rescue teams are ready to take action.

This is the only film I found on YouTube, all the others are on local news stations in Facebook. It was taken four hours ago.

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  1. Any music I associate with summer is from years past. There's no current music that remotely interests me.

    Wow, that river really is a raging torrent!!