Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Return of the Sphinx Cat

Sphinx cat

Some time ago I wrote about a strange looking cat that appeared in my garden The Sphinx Cat.  Now and again I see it, but do not always have my camera ready. Today Mr. Swiss was warned by Tabby, our normal average tabby feline, that there was a stranger in the garden. He called me to have a look; the Sphinx had returned and was peeping through the bushes into our garden.

It was perfectly still, so I took the camera and walked around the garden to the other side of the bushes to take a photo. Unfortunately I was bare foot, as I was relaxing with my Kindle reading. I tip-toed stealthily across the stones, twigs and other painful objects with the camera and here is one of the results.

Afterwards I put something on my feet and took a walk to a neighbour: the neighbour that knows everyone and everything. She was sitting outside and greeted me and I asked if she knew who this sphinx cat belonged to.

“You mean the one without hair” she said. “It belongs to the neighbour opposite on the second floor, but she only lets it out when she is at home. She breeds them.”

I suppose she would only let it out if she was at home.. They cost approximately CHF 1,000 per cat. If I had one I think I would keep it in a padlocked cage. Fascinating what walks around in Swiss gardens.

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  1. They always look like they need ironing to me!! :-))