Monday, 6 January 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt: Simply the Best

When and where do you do your best thinking? In the bathroom? While running? Just before bed, or first thing in the morning? On the bus? Why do you think that is? 

Photographers, artists, poets: show us THE BEST.

Sunset over Feldbrunnen

Yes, that is me in the early morning when I have a brainwave, an idea. It causes quite a sensation in the vicinity of where I live. All my neighbours realise, “she has another idea for her prize winning novel/blog”.

Think? My best thinking? I am a genius, I do not have to think about these things, they arrive, a bolt of lightening from a higher level that strikes me with brilliant ideas. Just before bed I am reading. In the morning I look at the illuminated clock on my iPhone, and turn over for a further half an hour as the case may be to ensure that my brain receives its well-earned rest. I do not run, prefer to walk as I am constantly thinking about being careful not to fall and sustain an injury. Our local bus is full of school children and golden oldies, so there is no time for thinking. We exchange words on the weather, the increasing prices of living, trivial matters. As far as the bathroom is concerned, that is not a good place. I have to concentrate on my beauty treatment in the morning which can be quite a lengthy process and thinking is not part of it.

When the day is done I make my way to bed for a golden oldie sleep. As most golden oldies I lay in bed waiting for sleep to overcome me. It is then that the brain tells me about a new plot, a new idea, what to write, to cause an impact on my blog. These are the 51 shades of inspiration when I am preparing for my beauty sleep. It might be that a bolt of lightning (figuratively speaking of course) will strike me whilst I am hovering in the twilight zone of sleep. Do I have a note pad, a pen, ready on my bedside table? Unfortunately no, there is no room next to my iPhone and box of paper handkerchiefs. This is probably the reason why so many of my unique ideas and thoughts are no longer existing in the early morning hours.

As my sleeping pattern may be interrupted during the night due to the call of nature I have another chance. After this nocturnal disturbance I am again drifting into the world of inspiration and ideas. The morning arrives and I pounce on my computer whilst eating breakfast (must clean those cereal milk splashes from the the screen) and my ideas of the night might be put into existence. It sometimes often happens that the ideas have slipped out of my grasp, but there is a second chance.

One of the advantages of being retired is that you can plan your day. In the general state of things, I tend to rest for a golden oldie sleep after lunch. As Mr. Swiss is also a golden oldie, this does not bother him. As I am again drifing into Nirvana, ideas flock again into my brain cells. As this midday sleep does not usually exceed more than 90 minutes, I awake with some of these brilliant thoughts still resting on my grey matter. There is just one small problem to be solved. Will the WordPress Daily Prompt co-operate with my brilliant ideas and supply a topic to fit my ideas?

Probably not, but somewhere in the dark corners of my mind there is a place where they are stored, waiting to pounce when the chance arrives.

And now I have divulged my blogging secrets. Take a midday sleep is all the advice I can give. Sometimes it works, but mostly it does not.  

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  1. Back in the days of Y360, and the early days of Multiply, when I still wrote blogs rather than mainly photography as I do today, I found I did much of my thinking for writing my posts while pacing up and down the living room. It would help me concentrate and 'write' the blog in my mind. Then I'd sit down and transfer it to the computer.

    1. Quite honestly I never think very much in advance. I only have about half an hour before I start writing, and I just writing. It just seems to flow from somewhere.