Sunday, 5 January 2014

WordPress Daily Prompt: Happy Happy Joy Joy

What does “happiness” look like to you? 

Photographers, artists, poets: show us HAPPY.


The sunflower seems to be happy, beaming in all its yellow glory. I was tempted to give him/her a nice smily mouth, but decided happy sunflower does not need human features.

I usually see the funny side of life in everything. Even my walks across the local cemetery are combined with finding amusing bits and pieces. I once discovered this little statue and decided to give it a face.some features.

head with leaves eyes mouth

Yes, I have a somewhat twisted black humour, but playing around with photos is one of those little things that makes me happy.

Happy as such would have been an ice cream or a new toy in my younger days. Today I can be happy when everything runs smoothly: no unexpected happenings such as the washing machine breaking down or the computer going on a cyber space trip that I did not plan. I just like my day to have no flaws or things “that get in the way. Yesterday evening I was relaxing in my stress less chair (something for golden oldies), reading a book on my iPad and thinking at last the Christmas/New Year stress is behind me. Days where shops are closed, planning is done for super meals and trying to fit some cleaning in between. Thank goodness we no longer do Christmas presents. At least I did not have that burden upon my shoulders. We decided it was a season for exchange, and so you could just as well buy it yourself if it was really necessary.

I digress – so there I was enjoying a quiet evening and a strange smell reached my delicate nose.

“Mrs. Human, do you have to tell them.”

That was Nera my chief big black long furred feline.

“Sorry Nera, but it was not pleasant for me”

“It was not pleasant for me either, but s**t happens.”

“Yes it did Nera, but it is supposed to happen in your cat tray.”

“Most of it did Mrs. Human, but somehow it stuck to my fur.”

“Not all of it Nera, two pieces were laying suspiciously on the floor” and at this point I was glad we have almost no carpets, but stone tiling.

That would not have been so bad, a quick emptying of the cat tray and a mop over the floor, but as Nera was calmly resting on her cat tree behind me in the living room I noticed that something …. smelt. Mr. Swiss came to have a sniff and traced the smell to Nera. The floor and tray had been cleaned and now we had to clean Nera and Nera has an aversion to water and being touched in her delicate places.

“I have a certain amount of dignity Mrs. Human, to be observed.”

To continue after a small disagreement with a spitting and meowing cat, the job was done and Nera again smelt like a feline. She afterwards retired to another room sulking and glaring at everything that came near her.

“Nera I think we might have to take you to the uncle doc for another fur trim.”

“Forget it Mrs. Human, not in Winter. We will talk about it again in Summer, hisssssss.”

I decided to end the conversation and I continued reading my book. It is just the little things in life disturbing my daily routine that are annoying.

Nera having a wash

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  1. Ahhh, now that explains why yesterday wasn't running as smoothly as normal!!