Monday, 6 January 2014

Early in The Morning

Sunrise over Feldbrunnen

I suppose early is a matter of interpretation, but it was around 07.30 a.m. It had been a cold night, there was still frost on the ground and the felines did not venture outside, but were curled up in their various sleeping places.

I had prepared my breakfast and was poised with the spoon for the first delightful mouthful of cereal, garnished with cranberries and Mr. Swiss tells me look outside at that fantastic sunrise. I do have a few romantic artistic bones in my body, but my body was not yet awake, just on its way. I took a step to the window and decided to strike the iron while it was hot. I struggled to my super Nikon DSLR camera and decided to take a few photos.

What a picture – not the sunrise, but me. There I was standing outside in my nightdress, temperature -2° C with my camera ready to shoot. Luckily Mr. Swiss found a nice comfortable spot near the apartment entrance so I did benefit from some warmer air.