Wednesday, 20 November 2013

WordPress Daily Prompt: Perspective

Think about something that drives you crazy. Now, think about something that makes you happy. Does it change your perspective? 

Photographers, artists, poets: show us a PERSPECTIVE.

Marktgasse towards St. Ursen

I do not like crowds at the best of times. I choose my moments of shopping when I know there will be less people.

I do not really do crazy, I like to keep my golden oldie moments quiet. Basically I dislike shopping for clothes. As time goes on, the figure changes and what used to be nicely proportioned becomes a little different. Body parts seem to move, some follow the force of gravity going southwards, others just seem to expand. This is basically no problem unless you discover that the waist fastener on your jeans (or even skirt) no longer meets with the buttonhole on the other side. A further development is closing the zip before fastening the button and you realise that the zip stops half way. Take a deep breath, stand up straight and pull. Yes, you have the tip at the top and now for the button, with trembling fingers and four or five attempts you manage to close the waistline. Now breathe out and I can guarantee everything stays in its place, although you will probably be suffering from pains of restraint around the stomach. Do not attempt to sit down (the zip might give up its life).

So there we are, you need new trousers or a skirt. I no longer wear skirts. They only seem to make them for people with a slim line figure. If the fashion is short, then I just do not think about it, as short for me means resembling a pork chop with all the trimmings. I just stay with trousers. Jeans are quite an advantage, they are made in millimetre sizes and various lengths – no problem I thought.

I have discovered there is one shop in our local town where I can be sure to find my size. It is usually full of ladies of my age that have rather well-proportioned figures in the heavyweight class. There is another problem, as my size seems to change with the month/year I never know which size to try and so I disappear into a cubicle armed with five or six trousers in three different sizes. The fitting session begins. I still have a hope that my clothes have shrunk with washing and actually I am still the same size. I try the smallest sized garment and then I realise this is not the case when I cannot pull it further than my hips and so I progress to the next size. I then try the next size and eventually discover that the largest size I chose fits. I can close the zip, the buttons fit, what more could you possibly want? I have now made a transition from almost crazy to happy, although I am three sizes bigger. I have discovered that my perspective changes with the sizes.

However there are occasions where something special is called for; with golden years, the perspective of special changes can be a nerve wrecking experience. Who needs to go with the fashion? There are even so-called “designer” jeans available, but there again unfortunately in designer sizes which I am not. My last special was my daughter-step wedding. Luckily she runs a couple of boutiques and is at the source of all possibilities. There again, her possibilities are for the young, the shapely, the budding models, the under thirties. We visited her source together and yes, I was successful. In the complete collection distributed over approximately six different wholesalers I found one pair of modern trousers which fit. For the accompanying blouse I returned to my large size supplier in the local town.

There is of course a solution to this problem. Lose weight, go on a diet, eat less, but then the perspective of being happy is no longer in existence. I enjoy food. My conclusion in this study of perspectives is that nothing changes a perspective, unless I discover a clothing shop that caters for the larger lady: the tall executions with width, the Mrs. Five by Fives.

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  1. Clothes, to me, have always been a 'necessary evil'. Money spent on clothes is money better spent elsewhere. Time spent buying them is time better spent doing something interesting instead. That's why I have a very basic set of clothes. White shirts and black trousers for work, jeans and t-shirt for everything else!!

  2. I don't do white shirts but jeans, and t-shirts are my thing and nice comfortable sneakers on the feet. Now and again I might wear a nice leather shoe, but only because I have to and not because I want to.