Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Creative Challenge 278: Every Picture Tells a Story

Where's the bird

"Excellent Mrs. Human, that is what I call a laid table, just a little correction perhaps, not that I want to intervene with your composition, but I would alter the height of the food station."

"That is not a food station Nera, that is a bird house where I put seeds for the birds to eat, so that they do not starve in the cold Winter months."

"No problem Mrs. Human, I am fully in agreement with your wonderful idea. We have to keep the birds nice and fat and thriving. I just thought that the food station, sorry bird house, might be placed more to a feline advantage, perhaps within paw distance."

"Paw distance?"

"Of course. When the winged dinners arrive I will have to jump. If the bird house as you call it is a little lower, I can just make a grab with a paw. "

"Nera I don't think you get the idea of why I have a bird house in the garden in the cold Winter months."

"Of course I do Mrs. Human and I find it commendable how you look after our feathered friends and fill them with food, very tasty."


"I mean the food you give them of course Mrs. Human. We will see how the feeding station develops for the feathered dinners, sorry birds,  and us felines. In the meantime I will keep a careful eye on the situation. Oh, look Mrs. Human, I can see the first victim approaching."

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  1. Naughty, Nera!!! This photo may not have happy stories..baaaaaaaddd kitty!!

  2. You can rely on a feline to look at things differently!!! LOL. Good one, Pat :-))

  3. I like the words spoken by Nera... She is an excellent observer and always has a logical justification for her statements...

  4. Sly cat, hope the birds are okay. Lovely colour in your photo.

  5. Nera is one intelligent kitty...your photo is fabulous!