Tuesday, 19 November 2013

WordPress Daily Prompt: Fright Night

What’s the thing you’re most scared to do? What would it take to get you to do it? 

Photographers, artists, poets: show us FRIGHTENING.

I would just mention that the photo below was based on a normal photo and adapted in the Ribbit photo programme. I will not accept responsibility for any body parts that might go missing during the reading of this blog, or any unforeseen disappearances of the person reading this blog.

Baseltor underground footpath, Solothurn

Yesterday afternoon they let me out to take a trip to town. I need new glasses and visited the opticians for an eye test. After leaving the local road train I have to enter the underground tunnel/footpath to cross the main road. It seemed to look a bit different as it usually did. I think the cleaning team had not done their work so well. During the night there are all sorts of strange people around and they never clean their mess up afterwards: a result of living in one of the oldest towns in Switzerland. They even found a couple of skeletons under the floor of a restaurant when they were re-doing it, but they had been there so long, they just put them on display under glass until they were removed so that the workmen could continue with the work, something about being built on an old cemetery. Nothing new, you read about that sort of thing all the time these days, ask Stephen King.

I continued on my way, undaunted, and the figure at the end of the tunnel did not even bother to follow me.

I asked Mr. Swiss whether I am frightened of anything and he found no, but I do not think he had ever asked me. We all have our little bothersome dark corners in our mind. I am not a lover of snow and ice on the roads during Winter. The stupid car never stops when I put my foot on the break, but sails on. Mr. Swiss did say something about not breaking on ice, but just let the car slow down normally. These people that know everything better So back to my world of fantasy, designing horror photos for my daily prompt. And to add what it would take to get me to do what I am scared to do. What a silly question. If my family was starving, had no food, I would go over ice and snow and through an avalanche to arrive at the local supermarket to buy food as long as Mr. Swiss is driving.

I am not happy about being put to sleep before a long operation. You never know you might not wake up again, but there again no problem. If you do not wake up again it is not likely that you will notice the fact that you do not wake up. Always look on the bright side of life death as the song says. There would be no question about anything getting me to do what I am scared to do, as the doc gives you a happy pill before wheeling you off to the operating theatre. I saw a horror film once about a mad surgeon, but that is just fantasy. I think the bloke’s name was Frankenstein, or something like that.

So there we have it I am scared of driving on icy roads and being operated under a full anaesthetic. Walking on the underground footpath to cross the road does not bother me at all as I can always see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Yesterday evening there was a film on TV very late just before I was off to bed. They always bring the scary ones late at night, probably to keep you awake. It was called Law Abiding Citizen. I will not go into details, but when it got to the point where the criminal was in the hands of the man whose wife and daughter he killed, it got a little bit too much for me. I did not classify sawing off the leg of the person who was evil while he was under nerve drugs and was forced to watch it all on a close circuit TV as entertainment. I did not want to know what happened further, although Mr. Swiss filled me in a little bit this morning. Was this horror, was this a film made to frighten us all out of a good night’s rest? The thing that really put me off was that today something like this could be possible, “there are more out than in” was one of my mum’s favourite sayings, and she was not so wrong.

On that happy reassuring note I will close this blog, but do not look behind you, he might be peering over your shoulder, even guiding your typing fingers with his telepathic eyes. 

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  1. I have 'Law Abiding Citizen' in my DVD collection. It's a fairly good thriller, but not what I would call scary. I've seen a lot worse.

  2. I just didn't find it entertaining - not my sort of thing for late night viewing