Sunday, 18 August 2013

Images and Words Week 224: Oops

I was surprised to see a familiar place as the header, so thankyou very much. I almost forgot I used that photo.

Here is my original

Spider with lunch

but Fred (that is his name - he told me) decided it did not actually capture his talents, so here is the new version.

Spider with lunch

and now he wants to get on with his lunch

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  1. Fred is so handsome in both he has become FAMOUS FRED!!

    The edited version makes Fred seem ferocious...I suppose it's due to the red....but VERY fitting as most folks are petrified of spidies!!

    Thanks for joining us this weel, Pat!

  2. The original is great, and the edited one has very different tones in it.
    I like both. :)

  3. I actually prefer the original, but it's still a cool transformation into the second shot.

  4. Both are good but the original version is my favourite...

  5. Great shot of the spider in original.

    "Eight-legged Freaks." is a thriller movie that comes to mind. :D

  6. You are more than welcome Pat. The I&W used for our Header was chosen a few weeks back and I had time to place it yesterday. Well done it looks a treat!
    I like the original here as well as your edited version...very cleverly executed.