Sunday, 18 August 2013

My Orchid

You know those tropical plants that are actually parasites sort of. Not that they live on the tree that they inhabit, but it seems they find a fungus to feed on. I am not a bontanical expert, just read up a bit in Internet. It seems that modern civilisation, due to the world growing smaller, has discovered the orchid to the extent that you can buy them in almost every supermarket in various colours and flavours. So Mrs. Angloswiss decided to keep up with all the neighbours and people whose homes she visited where they had the customary orchid perched on the table, on the dresser, or just standing in the corner, waiting to be admired by all.

I bought my orchid in a weak moment in the local supermarket as they had a special offer. It was flowering, blossoming, and quite tall. After a month the flowers started to wilt, hang their heads despite my care with regular supplies of specially bought orchid fertiliser and regular water. I did not drown my plant as it seems once a week suffices.

Eventually my orchid was reduced to a corner on the patio in the shade where it was forgotten, shunned and no longer required. The flowers had gone and bare stalks do not impress when the locals come for a visit. That was until this week (about three months later).

“What is that on the orchid” Mr. Swiss asked. I almost answered “what ochid” as I had cast all memory of an orchid out of my mind, having discovered that my roses and buddleia were blossoming in the garden – I mean who wants an orchid.

I took a closer look at my orchid and this is what I discovered.


It seemed that a botanical miracle had taken place in a dismal corner of the patio. It was alive, showing a display of buds. This was about three days ago. The buds are still there, but I am sure they are thinking of opening. The plant has now been removed to the table on the patio and we are waiting for the great day when it flowers. It seems I was not the only one to find the development interesting. After a closer look I found this little chap perched on the top of the highest branch.

Grasshopper on the orchid

Watch this space for more developments: life is so exciting on my patio.


  1. Seems your orchid has a new lease on life. Please keep us posted on developments.

    Love that interesting critter you found on the top branch, and a good shot of him!!

  2. The one plant I can not grow and have totally given up on is Orchids. Well done to you, I did read to let them hibernate in between flowering in a cool dark place. I tried it too, still just got 2 sticks. LOL

    Is that a grasshopper or a locust, any way, will that not eat your new buds???