Monday, 19 August 2013

WordPress: On the Edge

We all have things as need to do to keep an even keel — blogging, exercising, reading, cooking. What’s yours? 

Photographers, artists, poets: show us ACTIVITY.


Here is one of my action photos: a concentrated occupation, buying the right stuff, waiting patiently at the cash desk and packing it into the shopping bags, although we are organised. I buy and Mr. Swiss packs. At the moment, due to a back disorder of Mr. Swiss, it is all being done by I, me and myself.

Just because I am a golden oldie, it does not mean that I am knitting socks, making various jams, or spending time reading the newspaper and talking to the neighbours. I am an active golden oldie, sometimes a little bit too active according to Mr. Swiss. Where shall I start?

Here perhaps: I am a blogger, first confession. After travelling around in the blogging world I have decided my place is here in WordPress. Not that the other sites threw me out, or found I was an annoyance. I decided all by myself to call WordPress my No. 1 blogging site. On other sites I had no real target or purpose in my blogging life, but here I have a daily prompt, a weekly prompt and in between my own prompt. It also gives me a chance to keep up with the English language, with the Americanisms in the English language and to meet people from all over the world. I have now discovered Pingbacking. Not quite sure of the advantage, but it is fun which brings me to one of my other pastimes.

Some years ago I decided to discover the world of computer, so I attended a web assistant course. I constructed two web sites and nearly killed myself by exhaustion when I was finished, but I did it. What has remained is the knowledge of HTML, the secret web language (I speak many languages). It is a great help when writing my blogs and pingbacking. I am also supposed to be able to understand CSS computer talk. I learnt it, but was never at home with it. I might take it up again, you are never too old.

Since the invention of digital photography, I am aspiring to become the female version of Ansel Adams. Mr. Swiss gave me his digi camera when he bought a new one some years ago. My camera became my third arm. It accompanied me everywhere. Since my first digi camera, I have overtaken Mr. Swiss with my Nikon DSLR camera and as a pocket camera am now the proud possessor of a Canon G15 for the things I see when travelling.

Let us move on to the daily energy spending chores. I like cooking. It is an adventure in itself, trying things out. Now and again it might not work, but they say that when you are in love you tend to over salt the dishes.

There is also housework to be done, not that I consider it one of my favourite hobbies, but unfortunately it cannot be avoided, so make the most of it. Since my jobless days begun, I have actually found satisfaction in housework. I have a plan, a devious plan. After breakfast at the computer (must clean the milk spashes off the key board from the cereal) I begin my daily cleaning marathon. I remain fit: my daily gymnastic. Sometimes I intensify the work by going into detail in the bathroom and the kitchen where I sacrifice two complete mornings to attain perfection, but when it is done I have a feeling of achievement, success. During this time Mr. Swiss often disappears into town. I wonder why?

My even keel is not quite yet perfect. I have my one hour Tai Chi event on Tuesday afternoon, together with other golden oldies. We are a female group although men are also allowed. Somehow word has got round and the men stay away, but we are really nice ladies, do not bite, and have not yet got the hang of the martial arts side of Tai Chi. One day we may achieve perfection in that side of things, and then we could be a threat to the senior citizens club.

Garden work is another hobby, although due to my oncoming years, I have had to change the plant world. I no longer do annuals, but more perreniels. You know, the plants that stay in the earth forever and do not have to be changed, renewed or incur any backbreaking work. My weeds do grow, but I hide them with bushes and shrubs. Bending over to remove unwanted plants from the earth can incur a problem when trying to stand up again. It might even be that I cannot stand up. It is then that Mr. Swiss comes to my assistance and together we are strong.

Another activity is shopping, three mornings during the week. That is fun. I am allowed to go places and drive the car. They let me out and I attack the shelves in the local supermarket. Sometimes they have special offers. That is pure excitement, buying something for less and getting more value. It is all a question of planning and logistic. Often I lose Mr. Swiss if he accompanies me. He might be deciding which fruit to buy, and I am already in the diary department. It can be confusing, but thanks to our mobile communication system (iPhone) we find each other again. I often wonder if others have to phone their partner in a search action when in the supermarket. Eventually our consumer adventure is finished and we return with packed shopping bags, tired but happy and drive home where we unpack all our conquests and I begin to cook lunch.

It is an active life when you are a golden oldie, but in the evening things take a quiet turn. My Kindle/iPad which has now replaced the book in our household, is tuned in for a reading session. I cannot be bothered with books any more (what is a book – we have six bookshelves full in our hobby room and a large book case in the apartment). There is no room for books, we are an electronic family. Whilst I am catching up on some freshly pressed books (now where did I get that expression?) Mr. Swiss is filling himself in on daily events on the TV news programme, or relaxing with a criminal film on the TV.

I believe my keel is quite even and I have not sunk yet. I just cannot do nothing. I hate boredom.

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  1. That's a pretty busy life.....are you sure you retired?? LOL.

    I smiled at the part about gardening and sometimes not being able to get back up. I am slowly getting to that stage with some of my photography. I spend a lot of time kneeling or crouching down when I am taking macros shots, particularly of flowers and insects. I often have trouble getting back up again!! I might have to start taking a hiking pole with me to pull myself back up !!!

    1. The worst part is as time goes by, you do not get up any more. You just crawl your way on hands and knees to the nearest chair and pull yourself up. When I was working, I just fitted things in. I learnt Russian in twelve years, dress making as a side line and also fitted a year learning Arabic ito it all. I just cannot sit around doing nothing.