Wednesday, 27 March 2013

WordPress Daily Prompt: Judgement Day

If you were to judge your favourite book by its cover, would you still read it?


The problem being that my books, favourite or otherwise, do not have covers any more. They did, although I must admit I never judged a book by its cover. Today the books are restricted and condensed to a handy little gadget called Kindle. You know the sales hit that Amazon brought to us readers. No more problems with looking for space for your books, everything nicely condensed in a flat electronic device, so small that you can put it in your handbag, or take it with you in your pocket (a large pocket). So condensed that the covers are restricted to some sort of black and white image undefinable as to what it should represent. No more inviting colours, even the blood is grey on the murder book cover.

So I now just download my books. Classics are all free in any case, but who reads classics? Funnily enough I do. I sort of catch up from time to time on what I missed out on at school. My husband introduced me to the German classics some time ago, so my literature is now completed with books from Thomas Mann, Franz Kafka, Günther Grass and a few others (in German language of course), all nicely downloaded on my Kindle. However, the Kindle is a bit restricted in size, so I now have the Kindle app on my iPad which is larger. Nothing better than curling up in the evening with a good book, I mean electronic reading device.

So I am unable to judge my books by their covers, as they do not have covers any more. Transferring this saying to human beings, I do not judge them by their covers either. You might think that boy is an idiot because he is wearing torn blue jeans and a t-shirt with stupid words, but who knows, he might be the best in the school. Look at me. A golden oldie who wears jeans and comfortable shoes, glasses and no make up (cannot be bothered). Who would think that a computerised blogger is hidden under my ancient appearance. You just have to scratch under the surface. The same with books, read them and decide.


  1. Although I read a lot less these days that I used to before the internet came along and shortened my attention span by a factor of ten, I still cannot let go of good old fashioned paper books. Yes, they may be bulky compared to the flash new electronic gadgets, but there's just something indefinably ...ummm....right...about holding a proper book.

    1. Oh, nearly forgot the point of the prompt!! No, I never judge a book by it's cover, only by it's content!!