Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Creative Challenge 244: Attention to detail

Solothurn Clock

The clock had struck eleven some time ago. The tourist was visiting the town of Solothurn in Switzerland for the first time. She decided to have lunch at twelve. It was a sensible time, but she had a problem. The clock does not strike twelve in Solothurn.

A strange town. There is no midday and no midnight. Does the day have one hour less?

If you ever visit Solothurn, do not arrange to meet you friends at 12 o’clock. The will probably not arrive. Better to arrange to meet them in another town.

They just do not pay attention to such trivial details in the town of Solothurn. Or perhaps the clock manufacturer did not have enough golden numbers in “1” and “2” for the dial. After all gold is expensive.

On the other hand, they just might have spaced out the hours with a different system. Yes, of course, twelve hours were fit into eleven. Oh the genius of the Solothurn population.

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  1. utterly fascinating!! dare I it TRUE?? ( I never know if your writes are fiction....I fall for them all....hook, line and sinker!! This is so's believable.

    Love that clock!

    1. This clock stands in one of the main streets in Solothurn, the next town to my village just along the road. This web site might explain things better 11 is the Solothurn number

  2. Thanks for the link. pat.....very interesting..INDEED!

  3. Fascinating!! Particularly after following the link you provided in your answer to Linda!! Yes, I counted 11 bells on that clock :-))

  4. This is a very unique town, and an unique o'clock!

  5. I have to agree with you Pat, it is strange...I am glad you shared this, I have learned something new.

    Most all of the tall buildings in this country do not have a 13th floor, since it is considered bad luck. The floors go from 12 to 14 in other #13 with the rest of the elevator buttons

  6. im a lil ocd when it comes to numbers.. i prefer odd numbers and i do like 11 and 33 (i read that link btw). great photo and story and link! ps.. i particulary like odd numbers that are multiples of 3 or 7.. go figure :P

  7. Fantastic Pat lots of detail there;)