Saturday, 15 December 2012

Daily Prompt: Me Time

What's your ideal Saturday morning? Are you doing these things this morning? Why not?

Nera takes a jump

My usual Saturday morning occupation is the same as any morning occupation really. No big routine changes in a feline’s life, does not offer any support for my psychological condition. I must admit that from time to time there might be a change, according to new discoveries that might be made.

Now my leap from the kitchen table to the sink is a new change to my timetable. Being a feline we observe, We do more than observe, we have a certain influence on the actions of Humans. If Mrs. Human realised what a boring life she leads, repeating her actions every day at the same time,  I am sure she would stop blogging, so I will not tell her, but all the more pep in a feline’s life.

At a certain time in the morning, after she has completed her human chores, she refills our food bowls and water. Most important being the water, it is the wine of life for me and my two fellow cats. Water is just not water, it has various essences to be relished in its full strength. So after the female human has filled the bowls with fresh food, full of luring flavours, she replaces the water. This is the essence de vie, the reason of being, whether Saturday morning, or any other morning. Fresh water from a tap in winter is different to water from a tap in Summer. Much more superior in taste. In Summer we take our refreshment outside, where the water is full of the flavours of the surroundings.

Come to think of it, what is a Saturday morning? Although I notice that Mrs. Human does spend some more time in her nest as normal, meaning that my taste buds are even more strained than usual. I would add that the wait is worthwhile, As soon as the water bowl is full I  jump to the sink and begin with the initial tasting process, being the cat of all cats (gatto di tutti gatti) in my territory.

Nera lapping water

Of course, on this Saturday morning the same process, but not the same time. Must remind Mrs. Human that Saturdays have no meaning for the feline superior beings. We are not trapped by times or dates, we have instincts. What are instincts? Do not ask silly questions, even the humans have never worked that one out.

And as far as the words “me” and “time” are concerned we felines have a small problem, not with “me”, our motto being “I, me and myself”, but with “time”. The word does not exist in Meow.


  1. Ahh, those felines, they have such a different view on life to us humans.

    When I saw the first shot I initially though the felines had discovered the secret of levitation!!

  2. Wow! I love the 1st picture... :)
    I suppose that according to them, Mrs Human should cook meat several times a day in order to have an interesting life...