Sunday, 16 December 2012

Images & Words -189 -Fun & Interesting Christmas Photo's


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Being snowed in for a week, I just did not get around to taking any Christmassy photos, and at home we don't really do any Christmas decorations, just a mini tree for the presents. Anyhow Mr. Swiss took this photo of me and probably the only angel I will ever meet/see at the local supermarket. The angel and I had fun.


  1. Awfully sweet. Wonderful words.
    Thanks for your comment on mine.

    My entry

  2. LOL. That's a great shot. There's not many people can say they bumped into an angel doing their Christmas shopping the the local supermarket!!!

    Here is MY I&W LINK

  3. Lucky you! Pat
    And you look very delight with the Christmas Angel.

    My Christmas Fun

  4. That's probably the last place I would expect an angel...we just have the Salvation Army in front of our grocery stores!
    You look very happy, it IS a fun shot!

  5. Nothing lifts the spirits better than an angel ... lucky you ... ~smile~

  6. Mr. Swiss took a really cute photo of
    I love the Angel .

  7. am seing double, there is 2 angels there ?? Oh it is you, well you are a darling angel too. Kiss the furries from me. you were snowed in? Already? goodness, glad it thawed so you could get out and get some tuna or else some very sorry furry faces . Mousie waves royal paw "hello"

  8. Your encounter with an angel... Love it!