Friday, 14 December 2012

Creative Challenge 230: Festive


"Twas quiet in the house
You hear a whisker drop
The cats were waiting
And ready to hop

There was a sudden bang
And then he appeared
The Christmas cat arrived
He was wearing a beard

A knock at the window
Come cats let me in
It is I, me and myself
Where is tuna in the tin?

Tabby, Fluffy come quick
Where is the food?
Father Catmas has arrived
And in a good mood

Nera opened the window
Father Catmas was there
With a bag full of gifts
For the felines to share

“So Nera I have heard
you have been a good cat
Selfish and thoughtless
And have grown nice and fat

Here is something for you
The parcel is sealed
I am sure you are happy
A signed photo of Garfield”

“Oh thank you Father Catmas
I will hang it on my wall
So nice to wake up to
Garfield is so tall”

“For Tabby her favourite
Shall I give you a hint?
You get high and very merry
On a bag of cat mint”

“My favourite flavour
Oh what a surprise
Thankyou Father Catmas
Now I can roll my eyes”

"And now for Fluffy
You have been very fine
Here is some fresh salmon
And a bottle of cat wine”

Father Catmas you are great
There is so much to eat
Give Bast our best wishes
Oh, this is a treat”

Father Catmas munched his tuna
It was his favourite fish
“Oh cats you are great
what a wonderful dish”

And then he was gone
But cats do not fear
Keep the humans under control
He will be back the next year.

festive cats

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  1. Happy Catmas to the felines!!!

    The PT challenge for this week has already been posted by Marianne.

  2. Merry Christmas to you. Pat
    lovely collected images on the second photo.

  3. Great! Your cats are ahead of us, human beings. They've already got their gifts... Lovely photos!

  4. The pic is so cute! Merry Christmas!