Thursday, 13 December 2012

WordPress Daily Prompt: Flawed

What is your worst quality?


Who me? I am perfect, just like all women. I suppose you have to ask the others.

Mr. Swiss: Yes of course, you are perfect. OK, perhaps you tend to be chaotic now and again. Like putting cutlery in the washing up machine the wrong way so that you might be pierced with a sharp knife when emptying the machine. It might be that some things are put away in a cupboard in a way that is complicated for other people. Perhaps things sometimes go missing. Like when you was searching for your external hard drive on the computer and after a half hour search, realised that you had put it in your apron pocket, because you were busy with something else.

Sometimes a little forgetful. You always write on the shopping list what you need, but the handwriting is not always so clear. I cannot read it, but sometimes you cannot read it either. There is also the problem that when you want to take the list with you to go shopping, you forget where you put it.

Unfortunately accident prone, but I am ready and prepared. I always have the emergency telephone no. of the hospital ready and come running if I hear a crash in the room where you are. I have got used to it over the years.

My boss when I was working: Your work was perfect. It was always a miracle to me, and others, that you found the important documents you needed. There was never neat piles on the desk. Papers scattered all over, but if you had to find a documents you always did. The documents were organised in a logical way, but I always had the impression that only you understood the logic. The desk was pure chaos, but somehow an organised chaos.

We always made sure that you took the elevator/lift in the office when you had to go to another floor. It might be that you would fall down the stairs. I remember once she fell and was carrying a cup of coffee. The cup broke, you fell on it and had to go to the doctor for treatment for the cut on your face.

The cats: Well Mrs. Human is always reliable when filling our food bowls, but sometimes she seems to fill them too much. We start munching and find that half of the bowl is on the floor surrounding our dishes. Perhaps tuna fish every day instead of just twice a week? Definitely for a human she is OK, but perhaps on fline standards some improvements could be made.


  1. Nothing too surprising here, as much of it you have mentioned in previous writing. As always, the cats had the (rather amusing)last word.

  2. nice dialog ..!!
    Pat .. have you got a kindle and when yes what kind .would be nice to listen to your words

  3. LOL, somehow this doesn't surprise me at all, after reading your blogs for some years now.

  4. Hmm... your kittys seem to always mention tuna, wonder why that is??? Cute blog.

  5. I'm giggling...
    Nice portrait of you!
    I also noticed your cats always mention tuna... Do you know mine refuse to eat everything that smells like fish?

  6. @SH - I have a Kindle, but at the moment it does not want to connect to my WiFi - something wrong somewhere. I will be getting one of those mini iPads instead as I am fed up with my Kindle problems. I don't quite know what you mean by "listen to my words" - hören meine Wörter? Kindle hat keine Ton.

    @Kia - and you have such a super choice of fish in Belgium. Perhaps your cat is just plain spoilt? LOL