Tuesday, 7 August 2012

United Friends Challenge #257; The Bog cringled

Bonnymom's Challenge
Write a story, prose or verse, of no more than 300 words, that ends with the opening sentence of a story or poem that you love. Be sure to indicate, at the beginning, the title of the story/poem which has inspired you, and the name of the authour/poet.
I don't really read poetry but there is one poem that I just love, so this story ends with the first line of Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll. I just read too many books in two different languages to have a favourite.

It was a calliguous evening as the Bog made its way to the tringle tree. The Frams were glinking in the plims and there was a crusting crim sleaning below.

“Danger is in the air” was its thought and it covered its head with a woggle for protection. The noises of Brungles could be heard from a distance. It prepared itself for a fight, and took its drumble gun in its hand, loading it with plips.

As it approached the tringle tree it saw a Gonk quickly disappear in a groog.

It stood its ground “Gonk, you are safe, it is I the Bog.“

The Gonk appeared from the groog, wiping the floggle from its brow and chaucering globbles.

Bog was watching “Gonk there is a Brungle in the tringle tree, be careful.”

Gonk saw it coming and bridged its Vloo across its shoulder. The Gonk aimed and the Brungle fell.

Bog was relieved, one Brungle less, it thought. Bog and the Gonk walked on together wading through the strogs underfoot.

 “Tis now a golumptuous evening” he said to the Gonk. The Gonk agreed, nodding with his bardered beand and taking a slub of frimming for strength.

They heard the vingle of a Clongle behind a crockle bush.

“We must be still” said the Bog “Clongles are dangerous, even worse than the Frams or the dreaded Brungles.

It was then that a yaggle was heard in the air.

“Time to cring” said the Bog and the Bog and the Gonk began to cring as fast as possible. There was another yaggle sounding and they knew they were safe.

The Bog looked once more into the depth of the sligs but t
was brillig, and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe.
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