Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Creative Challenge 126 - Wind

Cats in the Leaves
"Cats, what are you doing laying in those leaves, your fur will be full afterwards and then you come home and spread them all over the carpet."

"Mrs. Human" spoke Tabby the cat "we are waiting, so please don't speak so loud otherwise it might not happen."

"What are you waiting for and what might not happen?"

"Now that is fairly obvious Mrs. Human" said Nera "What do we felines wait for when the ground is covered in leaves?"

"I don't know Nera, but I am sure you are going to tell me."

"You humans can be a bit thick sometimes. We are waiting for the leaves to come alive." continued Nera.

"But the leaves are dead Nera, that is why they fall from the trees."

"These humans have absolutely no idea, do they Nera?" said Fluffy.

"Of course not, Fluffy, but their intelligence is not as perfectly tuned as ours."

"Mrs. Human, what you consider as being dead, is not dead and we cats are preparing for a battle. The leaves will attack and fly around and we will capture them with our paws."

"So you are waiting for the wind to blow them around." I said.

"Mrs. Human, no we are not waiting for the wind to blow them around, we are waiting for the leaves to try to escape. They might use the wind as a weapon to disappear behind a tree or bush, but we will get them." and Nera shook her head in despair, probably at my ignorance.

"So quiet, look they are coming, jump cats and stop them from escaping" and with that remark there was a strong puff of wind and Tabby took a leap in the air managing to snap a leaf between her paws.

"Look, Tabby, there are more, we are being attacked from all sides, but I have caught two of them and killed them." said Fluffy, very excited.

"Bravo Fluffy" called Nera  "you might be blind, but you are a good leaf soldier. Now watch me, Tabby and Fluffy, this is the way to do it" and with that last remark Nera jumped and landed on the ground covering at least ten leaves at once under her body.

"Did you see that Mrs. Human" she called "that is the way to capture the enemy."

"So stop showing off" said Tabby "we all know you weigh more than me and Fluffy together, so it is easy to crush a few leaves and squash them to death when you collapse on them."

"Are you insinuating that I am overweight" said Nera. "You two are just jealous because I have such a sexy figure that the tom cats all meow when I walk past them."

"Nera" I said "I know you are not fat, just fluffy, but we now have a problem. You have about 20 leaves, sorry enemies, entangled in your fur and I will have to comb them out."

"No, Mrs. Human, it does not come into the question. I killed the leaves, they are my war trophies and they will stay where they are."

"She is right Mrs. Human" said Tabby, supporting his sister. "Nera killed the leaves and they are hers even if she does have an unfair advantage because of her weight, sorry fluff."

"Tabby, Hissssss" was Nera's answer.

"So cats, you can play with your leaves but I am going inside. The wind is getting stronger and it is not so warm outside."

As I walked in I could hear Nera mumbling "those humans have no idea. This is not play, this is serious leaf war."

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