Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Foto Fun Week 65 - Looking Out

Entering Solothurn - Baselstrasse
I never go anywhere without one of my cameras - the smaller one, it is always in my handbag so this was not difficult task in a way. We usually go shopping to the local supermarket in the morning and this photo was taken this morning looking out from the car window. We were just approaching our local town of Solothurn, about a kilometer down the main road from the village of Feldbrunnen where I live.

The road is known as the Baselstrasse as it does eventually lead to Basel in the opposite direction. Ahead of us you can see the St. Urs cathedral and just to the right of it the Baseltor, a gate leading into the old town. You are not really allowed to drive into the old town through the gate, unless you are bringing goods, or delivering guests to the various hotels.

On the right you see a red road train. It travels from the Solothurn main station through to a small town called Langenthal and is our local connection to the town of Solothurn from where we live. I usually walk but today we were going a bit further to another village called Langendorf where our king sized supermarket is.

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