Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Ten Thought Tuesday

1. Don't think about it, just do it. After a more or less longer absence from Multiply I am back. Where was I, well I was actually still here and always had my Multiply tab open on the computer. I was just messing around next door in a place called Facebook, building farms, taking care of virtual pets and even cooking. Now and again I was on an island. I am still Facebooking it, but no longer farming. The rest just takes care of itself.

2. Another thought - what to do with my new found time, that life doesn't get too boring. Monochrome Monday has been revived, so I am playing with photos again. I have ideas in my head for a few stories, so I will probably be writing a few novels in between. Not quite, but I think it is called flash fiction these days. Anyhow lots of murders, space monsters and strange happenings. With a head like mine, that always seems to be the result.

3. So now a few thoughts about the Swiss government. They are not so happy at the moment. We have 7 ministers and now 4 of them are women. As if that was a big enough shock for the men, the various departments are now being newly appointed. This has made a few ministers very unhappy, especially the new lady in the government. She was very unhappy when she heard she was getting the law department. Another lady got the communications department which she wanted. The lady that got finance can be happy if she still has her job at the end of the year. It sort of sparked off an argument between one of our liberal members of parliament and a labour member of parliament. The liberal is accusing the other of slander. So result - is this a government or a kindergarten.

4. My cats are very unsettled. Is it summer or winter? They are unsure and don't know whether to stay at home or take a walk. Generally they want to take their walk at six in the early hours of the morning and signal it by scratching on the bedroom door. Their cat door is locked from the inside as our blind cat is not allowed out on his own.

5. Collecting apples from the tree is not so easy this year. Up to now only a third are ready. It wasn't such a good Summer or Autumn as usual.

6. This evening the Basel soccer team are playing the German Bavarian team in Switzerland. The match has not yet started, but the fights have outside the stadium. The police have been busy.

7. Life is getting complicated. I cannot operate the television any more - too complicated. My telephone is also not so easy to use. Thank goodness I still know how to switch the microwave on in the kitchen.

8. It was my dad's 95th birthday last week on Friday. He manages ok on his own in england, but I do worry a bit sometimes. He still takes the bus into the next town and does a bit of shopping, although has now organised the food to be brought once a week. Frozen but good. He just has to heat it up.

9. Funny, me and Mr. Swiss are now retired for some time, but week-ends still exist.

10. At last I am running out of thoughts, so wish everyone a nice successful week without any unforeseen problems.

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