Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Creative Challenge 121 - Crashing down

Cat Walk 2

Well I suppose it did come crashing down in a way, but blame it on the humans. They have no common sense. How often did I tell them that if a cat wants to get to a higher place, he has to have a platform to do it from. Not a pile of books and boxes, but a nicely built ladder, with wooden steps nailed onto it. Of course, make sure the nails are nicely hammered in. Now we don’t want wooden splinters between our paws do we. And another thing. A nice clear path to the ladder would not be a luxury. Piling books and boxes behind a television is not exactly my idea of a good solid construction.

Anyhow there I was minding my own business, but feeling tired, so I decided to go to my favourite perch, on top of the cupboard which was easier said than done. First of all a leap to the office chair, then to the desk accompanied with a firm step to the books behind the television. That is the part where you really need strength in those back legs, to push yourself up to a higher level. Are you listening Mrs. Human. That is when it happened. I arrived on the cupboard, but the return path was blocked. Unfortunately, due to a stupid human idea, the books and boxes were now laying on the floor.

I decided to have a sleep. In the meanwhile the humans can repair their mistake or perhaps even put up a decent ladder.

I awoke after a refreshing sleep and descended from the cupboard. The humans seemed to ignore my wish for a safe path back to the food dish which was brimming over with tuna fish. I decided to take my life in my own paws so made a jump for it, landing on the top of the television. Unfortunately from a human point of view this was not a good idea. As I jumped from the television, it sort of shook backwards and forwards and eventually came crashing down. Basically I didn't care, as I was now nearer to my target; a nice dish of tuna fish, the smell of which was already piercing the smelling buds in my delicate nose.

There was a slight upheaval, when Mr. and Mrs. Human found the television on the floor, but who cares, I am a cat after all. Next day the television was put in a new place. Seems it did not break, and the humans told me the next time they would stop my ration of tuna fish for a week. I explained that the problem could have been solved by a simple construction fit for a cat to walk on.

All clouds have a silver lining and I am now the proud possessor of a nicely made cat ladder leading from the floor to the top of the cupboard.

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