Tuesday, 7 August 2012

RRC #69 - A very clean gentleman

RRC 69

“What would you like to drink Mister?”

Josy saw the man sitting at the bar. He was on his own and looked quite respectable. Nothing like the usual public she had to serve. He looked so clean and well groomed; no three day beard or beer stains on the cuff of his shirt.

“I will have a whisky madam” he said, so politely that Josy was very impressed. She took the bottle and poured him a glass and placed it in front of him. He took the glass and emptied it in one swallow, but it was a clean swallow. No traces at the side of his mouth where the overspill was usually to be seen on the drinkers she knew. No, this was a very clean gentleman.

He thanked her and asked for a second glass, but this time he left it lying on the bar.

“Will you join me” he said “it’s no fun just drinking on your own. I have only arrived in this town today and feel a bit lost.”

Josy gladly accepted. He was not the type of customer that leered down the front of her blouse, calculating how much was hidden behind the material and wondering how long it would take to undo the buttons. If she played her cards right she would have an enjoyable evening with this gent. He seemed to have money, he was dressed in the finest cloth, and it was her evening off. Who knows what the night would bring, but she didn’t care.

“Are you on business here Mister?” she asked.

“In a way I am” he answered. I have my own company and am looking for some connections in this part of the country.”

“What would your business be?” Josy asked.

“You could say public relations I suppose. I am looking for people that are interested in investing in my branch. I am in the entertainment business.”

“I could show you a few places in town that might be of interest. Would this evening be OK. I am free and could show you around.” Josy thought either he says yes, or tells her to get lost. It was a gamble, but she had nothing to lose.

He smiled showing two rows of white pearly teeth beneath his moustache.

“Well that would be fine Miss. My name is Grant and what’s yours?”

“My mother christened me Josephine, but I am known as Josy.”

“Josephine is a nice name. I am staying at the Carlton hotel, just around the corner. Do you know it? We could meet in the reception at eight, if that is OK with you.”

Josy could not believe her luck; an evening out with a real gentleman.

That evening Josy arrived at the reception hall of the Carlton Hotel, one of the best hotels in town of course and Grant was waiting. He was still dressed in his smart clean clothes of the afternoon, but that did not bother her. She had put her best dress on. At least she thought it was a smart dress, although Josy did have a somewhat cheap taste you could say. She was gaining weight as she got older, but as far as the most men were concerned, she was gaining her weight in the right places.

“Good evening, Josephine” Grant said. “So let’s go, I have a car waiting outside. I thought we could first of all go for a meal at the restaurant just out of town. I think it is called The Empire and it looked quite nice as I drove past this morning when I was entering town.

“That is fine with me” answered Josy, knowing that The Empire was the most expensive restaurant.

They drove off together in Grant’s car. Josy had to remind him that he had taken the wrong turn. Grant told her he would turn back at the end of the road. He did eventually return down the road after dumping Josy’s body in the undergrowth in the forest.

Of course there was a search for Josy after she did not come to work the next day or the day after. Her apartment was also empty. The police found the only thing missing from her wardrobe was a cheap cocktail dress.

Three days later in another town in another bar there was a man seated at a bar. He was very clean, dressed very neat, and asked for a whisky. The barmaid was impressed. It was not every day she had such a polite gentlemen as a customer. He even called her madam.

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