Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Nera's Revenge

Me and computer
"Nera cat, what are you doing with my camera in your paw. No, no photo. I am not looking my best at the moment."

"Mrs. Human, you know what. I don't care, and neither to my feline apartment sharers here. We are being photographed in all sorts of positions. We might be having a quiet lick in a corner, perhaps curled up and sleeping or just birdwatching. They are private moments in a cat life and there is Mrs. Human with the camera, taking advantage of our innocence."

"Nera, you don't have to exaggerate. My friends all over the world just love to see photos of such a wonderful silky furred cat like yourself. "

"No Mrs. Human, flattery will get you nowhere. When I think of the photo you posted last week showing me in a private situation. That was completely embarrassing. Just be glad that my photo is only showing a stupid human with a fixed stare into a computer terminal. No telling what you was doing when I was taking the photo. Probably telling an extremely embarrassing story about me and my feline colleagues. So now it is your turn. How do I switch the flashlight on Mrs. Human."

"Nera, forget the flashlight. Your paws are too clumsy for such a delicate instrument."

"They are not clumsy, I can do things with my paws that you cannot do with your hands."

"Such as?"

"Holding onto the wall or a tree trunk when I am climbing, or having a good scratch on a post somewhere."

"Nera, humans do not climb up walls ande trees or scratch on posts."

"No, but they use their hands to type on computers spreading stories about their feline owners."

I gave up - so here is the result of Nera's photo efforts.

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