Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Krokus - the Swiss Rock Band

Never heard of them? Not surprising really as Swiss Rock Bands are not really a thing to be heard of. Such a small country, and our hit parade of music is almost unknown outside of Europe (even inside Europe). Krokus are good, especially as they originate from the town of Solothurn where I live (more or less, just a kilometer down the road).

Their lead singer is Chris von Rohr, a well known Solothurn person and he is very friendly. My oldest son, a 200% rocker, knows Chris von Rohr and often helps. This afternoon he was busy with a pile of posters distributing them amongst the various shops in Solothurn where they will shown in shop windows or in the shops themselves. Many years ago, they did a very successful tour in America.

Krokus Poster

The Rockin Christmas Festival of Krokus will be on 17th December this year in Bern. Also appearing are the band Uriah Heep and Sweet. Here is the official website of Krokus. Although basically in German, there is quite a bit of english text there as well. Just scroll down.

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