Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Foto Fun Week 67 - Parallells

The Gates of Castle Waldegg, Feldbrunnen, Switzerland
Foto fun is good for me, I noticed. Now I really have to get out and have a look for a photo subject. I had the idea in my mind that the gates of Castle Waldegg which is about 10 minutes walk from where I live. It would be perhaps only 5 minutes, but it is uphill all the way, with the reward of a view of the alps on a clear day from the top.

I knew the gates would be ideal for a study of parallels. The castle was in the early days the summer residence of the French Ambassador to Switzerland. In the town of Solothurn, just down the road, you find the winter residence. Of course this was years ago, but it was a tradition.

I was looking for a link on the Internet about the castle but it is all in German. I once wrote a blog which might be helpful (plugging my stuff again).

Castle Waldegg

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