Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Creative Challenge #101: The Storm


Twas an ideal day for a crime
The sky was as black as could be
Thick clouds circulated in the heavens
Cody James rubbed his hands in glee

Pulling a necktie around his face
Was good, disguise perfect for the kill
No sign or clue that he did the crime
Had no intentions to arrive on boot hill

Waiting in the sage brush at the side of the track
The stagecoach came rumbling around the bend
Heavy laden with gold bullion for the bank
This was perfect, what a wonderful send

Cody jumped from the bushes and showed his gun
The horses were stopped with a cry
“The gold or your lives” called Cody James
He knew they did not want to die

The coach door opened, a man climbed out
All was silent you could hear a bird chirp
Cody James turned white, he was frightened, was scared
The man in the coach was Wyatt Earp

“Hi Cody, you want gold then you have to fight me”
Were his words, quite bold and brave
Cody aimed to fire, the lightning struck
Earp had no time to save.

Was it the lightning, was it the bullet
That struck Cody James on this day
Stories were told of the bravery of Earp
He was clever and had the right way

The moral of this story is easy to find
A Storm is not the best weather to steal
And Cody James got his reward
He is now laying on Boot Hill.

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