Tuesday, 7 August 2012

RRC #54: Despair


How am I going to tell her
What is she going to say
This is not going to be easy
Shall I wait for another day
Just pretend that things are right
Just keep the news for myself
So how am I going to tell her
She is not in the best of health
This morning all was fine
We laughed and joked, we kissed
I did not know what was coming
arrived at work, been dismissed
My boss said did not need me
Was a bad worker, just do not think
Unreliable and not a good man
I cared too much for a drink
So how am I going to tell her
She thinks that all is fine
She does not know my secret
I love her, but also love wine
Over there I see a bridge
Might be the answer to all
The last solution in life
With nothing to stop the fall
Then I will not have to tell her

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