Tuesday, 7 August 2012

United Friends Challenge #240 - The Miracle Cure

Mystydragon's Challenge
Write a story about a person that has a chronic or fatal disease (of your choosing)
and by some miracle (of your choosing) they get better.
It was midnight and if anyone had been there and peeked through the window of Dr. Smith’s surgery they would have seen lights flashing and perhaps heard the noise of a drawer being opened and closed in a filing cabinet.

“Glug, are you sure this is the right way to go about things.”

“Of course it is  Blog. How else are we going to find a suitable guinea pig to test our medicine. Or do you want to take the responsibility of trying it on our president. If it doesn’t work he will die and so will we, being responsible for his death. Now just carry on the search. I am sure one of these humans is suffering from the same illness. Our president did pick it up on his last visit to the planet Earth. If we find records of the same disease we can try our medicine on the earthling to see if it works.”

President Clog of planet Wogdog was indeed ill. Whilst on his last visit to Earth he discovered cakes and ice cream and by adding sugar to food it tasted much better. Sugar did not exist on planet Wogdog and diabetes was something unknown to them. This was also one of the reasons that the occupation of a dentist was not known on the planet Wogdog.

Although the people of Wogdog were much more advanced than humans, being able to travel in the universe by their own specially designed beamers, they were a healthy civilisation, mainly due to the advanced medical science. They had a cure for everything that was known to them.

After returning to Planet Wogdog after his holiday on earth the President showed strange symptoms. His teeth started to fall out and he complained of an extreme thirst. This was unusual. Wogdogians usually only needed to drink once a week and although their teeth always grew again after being worn down, the president had at least three new sets of teeth within a month. Usually three new sets would be needed within a year. He also became heavy and could no longer walk. His legs seem to have lost any feeling they had.

Glug and Blog were two medical experts who were given the work to develop a cure. They had taken samples of the Presidents body juice and had developed a serum to eliminate the sugar. According to their logic, this would be a cure, but it had to be tried on a living specimen before trying it on their President. Presidency was handed from father to son, and Presidents Clog’s son was not yet ready to take over. His brain preparation was not yet finished.

“Found one” shouted Glug “look, according to the international Internet this illness is known as Diabetes on earth and here is a specimen.”

“Show me” said Blog “yes, indeed, we have one. George Chambers. Seems that he is in one of these human hospitals at the moment. Can you locate it with our locater beamer Glug.?”

Yes the people of Wogdog were very advanced in travel. So Blog and Glug sat on the floor of the doctor’s surgery and switched their beams on, to be transported to a hospital ward where patient George Chambers was lying. He had been suffering from diabetes for many years and he was in hospital for a leg amputation. It did not look good for George. A fifty year old man and his leg had to be removed.

It was night and George was sleeping in his hospital bed, so Glug and Blog took advantage of the opportunity and injected their serum into George. His leg looked bad but they could see that gradually it changed to a healthy colour and the blood began to circulate normally. In general they noticed that the appearance of George became better. It was then that the various machines he was attached to began to give out signals. Footsteps were heard approaching and Blog and Glug became invisible as they did not want to be discovered by the humans.

“What’s happening Doctor Frankensteen ” asked one of the nurses.

“I don’t quite know nurse, something I have never seen before. The instruments are now showing perfection. That is probably why their signals have changed. Breathing regular, circulation regular and now let’s have a look at Mr. Chamber’s leg.”

It was then that Doctor Frankensteen was astonished. There was no longer any discoloration of the skin.

“Prepare Mr. Chambers for an examination. I want it to be done immediately.”

When George Chambers awoke the next morning, he decided to have a wash before the operation. He left his bed and walked over to the washing room.

“Nurse” he called in a loud voice. “Nurse, come quickly.”

The nurse arrived with the doctor.

“I can walk again with no problem. I have no pain and look at my leg. It is as healthy as my other leg. What has happened? “

“To be quite honest Mr. Chambers" said Doctor Frankensteen “we are not really sure. Let us just say it seems your leg decided to remain on your body.”

George was given many tests, but it seemed that his blood was normal and no trace of too much carbohydrate. In other words he was cured.

Glug and Blog returned to planet Wogdog, satisfied with their medicine. It was applied to the president and within a few minutes his body returned to its normal functions. This was particularly positive for a Wogdogian, as they did have six legs and it would have been quite a sad thing to watch their President lose one leg after the other. In future all Wogdogians visiting Planet Earth were injected with the Chambog serum, as it was known, to prevent this illness being spread on the planet.

Not only did George Chambers become cured from his Diabetes, but the planet Wogdog introduced cakes, biscuits, ice cream and sugar in the Tog (a Wogdogian type drink). They developed a sweet tooth, but no problem. Chambog serum was soon introduced as a tablet to take once a day and they all remained healthy.

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