Tuesday, 25 August 2009

MULTIPLY Creative Challenge #67: Warm Vanilla

I got home from London just three hours ago and here I am writing again, but this is really very short and even sweet - an ode to custard. If you do not know what custard is, it is the english version of a vanilla sauce, a must with apple pie in England. You can follow this link.


Warm vanilla is custard
No it is not mustard
But how do you make the custard
If it is not mustard

Take some powder yellow
No no, it is not mellow
So if it’s really yellow
It stays that way, not mellow

Mix the powder in milk
and boil it, looks like silk
It then gets thick the milk
So now its nothing like silk

Eat it warm or cold
You must be very bold
Some people eat it cold
But warm vanilla is bold

The British eat it with pie
I miss it so, oh my
But if you don’t like pie
Then eat with fruit, oh my

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