Sunday, 16 August 2009

MULTIPLY MM My Own Thing No. 3

P1080881This week I visited our bank. As I had some time and as always had my camera with me, I decided to take a photo on the first floor as the architecture I found to be quite interesting. I then put the photo into Piknik and monochromed it. It was OK but I decided to do a bit more and did a Holgaic version of it, which is also black and white, with a bit more to it. I also brought the original colour back into the two large tubes in the middle on the ceiling. I trimmed the contrast and eventually did a mirror frame on it. This is the result.


Click here for larger size

For my next work I decided to go to the art world. Some years ago my husband and I spent a week in New York on holiday. Apart from the usual tourist visits, we also visited some art galleries and museums. We went to the Museum of Modern Art as we partciularly wanted to see a work of art by a Swiss artist, Meret Oppenheim. She died in 1985 but is well known in Switzerland and I even had the privilige to see her once when our family paid a visit to the zoo in Bern, as she was also amongst the visitors.

One of her most popular works in Switzerland is a fountain she created for the town of Bern Click here. However her most well known work was the fur covered cup which is shown in New York in the Museum of Modern Art. Quite an honour for an artist from such a small country such as Switzerland. My husband and I found the cup and were most impressed. Click here for more information.

So there I am with my work for the week - created something similar in a photo. First of all I needed a cup, saucer and spoon which I took from our daily crockery. I then needed fur, so what was more easier than to take a photo of the fur coats belong to my cats. I chose tabby cat and Fluffy cat for the contrasts. Tabby supplied me with the inside of the cup and the saucer and Fluffy with the spoon and cup.


I put all three photos into CS3 photoshop. I worked with layering and the eraser. First of all I had the cup with Tabby's fur as a second layer. I removed the inside of the cup and the saucer which left me with some fur. I flattened this and then took my furry cup and spoon and did a second layer with Fluffy's white fur. I used the eraser and transferred the spoon and outside of the cup into white fur. I used the eraser as I could pull the furry hairs a bit more at the edges. I flattened this, put it back into Piknik and did a mirrored frame making a light blue tint to it. Are you with me? I lost myself in this process, but here is the result.

cup, spoon and fur

Click here for larger size

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