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MULTIPLY United Friends Challenge #173: An Interview with the Barbapapa Family

Caffeinated Jo's Challenge

You are a newscaster interviewing a cartoon character. Write a short story about any or all of the interview, which may include events preceding it or following it.
The story does not have to be written in first person.

You must have these words/phrases in your story:
1. I did not know the foo foo bird still existed!
2. Kazoo
3. Smelly tennis shoe

For those who do not know the Barbapapa Family, here is a link. They originated in France.

Good evening listeners and here is Jean Surprise. Today I have the pleasure of interviewing the Barbapapa family. Barbapapa it is very nice to have you here in the studio. Was it difficult to bring the whole family to meet us?

Barbamama: No problem at all, my children do what I say. I just have to make a colour count now and again to make sure they are all here.

Barbapapa do you feel a bit strange in this world, being the only inhabitants that can change their shape according to what they want to?

Barbamama: Of course we do not feel strange, do we Papa. I mean it is the way we were born and it is so handy each one of us having a different colour.

Barbapapa: Yes, I was just going to say …….

Barbamama: Papa, we did agree I would do the talking, and anyhow I am much better at it.

Barbabelle: I am the most attractive one, being lilac in colour.

Barbalib: and I am the most intelligent. Look at my lovely colour, just like an orange. Watch when I change my shape, nice and round like an orange.

Very good Barbalib. It must be a handful Barbapapa, having so many children in different shapes and colours.

Barbamama: I will answer that question. It is just a mother’s intuition. Barbabeau has fur growing on him and really does take after me, except for the fur as we are both black., My husband is pink just like all Barbapapas.:

Barbapapa: Yes we come in all colours and change our shapes according to our needs.

I believe you have four boys and three girls?

Barbamama: Yes, but they all have their own gifts.

What is your gift Barbamama?

Barbapapa: She is a very good conversationalist. Never lost for a word, are you Mama?

Barbamama: Well I must admit I do always have something to say. BARBABRIGHT you might be the scientist amongst us, but please do not turn yourself into a microphone. And BARBAZOO your shape as a snake is not the correct thing to do at the moment. No BARBAZOO a frog is also not welcome. Children please behave. BARBALALA stop singing, you are not on a music show. I am sorry but my children are so talented, they just have to show off now and again. Children come here, can you stay still for a moment. BARBABRIGHT please come out of that microphone, you are disturbing the show and BARBABEAU stop painting flowers on the wall. Children the next time I will leave you at home. BARBAZOO , no this is not the time to change your shape to a flute and BARBALA put your brother down and stop playing a tune on him.

Barbapapa: So enough is enough, children you will now change your shape into something quiet and well behaved.

Barba children: Like what Papa?

Barbapapa: Try a foo foo bird

I did not know the foo foo bird still existed

Barbamama: Just your normal shapes will do, nothing fancy.

Barbabravo: I know what we can do, come on Barba brothers and sisters, all together. We will become a smelly tennis shoe.

Barbamam: No, children, please no.

Barbalal: And I will change myself into a Kazoo to accompany the smelly tennis shoes.

Barbapapa: Finished children, you will now change into a train with many carriages and travel out of the door, lead by Barbamama and myself.

I think our time is now coming to an end Barbapapa family. It was nice having you in the studio and it was a very interesting talk. Where are they? I can see them. A colourful train composed of the Barbapapa family is now travelling home; now to open the windows and let the smell of the tennis shoe out of the studio.

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