Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Avoid the Supermarket on Tuesday, unless you are over 60 years old

Migros, Langendorf

I wrote in an earlier blog (Click here) that our supermarket has had a face lift and everything is much bigger and better - here is a photo of the entrance that I took from the first floor where the action now is. The ground level floor is still being renewed and will afterwards be the place for the gardening stuff I think.

Now we "oldens" are being spoilt, and I would warn any under sixties to avoid the place on Tuesday, unless of course you drag your poor worn out mothers and fathers with you to the supermarket to used their 10% reduction on shopping on Tuesday. The allowance passport looks like this


On one side (the picture on the left) it tells you that you are now the proud possessor of an advantage card and that on Tuesday you are entitled to a reduction of 10% on the complete assortment of articles available in the sales department of the Migros, the shop in question. On the other side you have to sign it. You also have to show your identity card to prove that you are old enough to be entitled to the card. I accepted the card with mixed feelings. On the one hand I do not yet feel old enough to be stamped as being old, on the other hand 10% is not and small amount. I would add this special offer is only available until the end of September.

I said to my husband, just wait and see what happens. I can tell you that Tuesday shopping in this place will no longer be fun. It will be crowded with senior citizens doing the family shopping for their sons and daughters as well as any other younger colleagues they might have. Sure enough, on Tuesday you can be lucky to find a parking place for the car. I have even seen sons and daughters who now go shopping with their parents on Tuesday, which they otherwise probably avoid.

The first time the card was available to be used the new part of the supermarket had not yet been opened. This meant that the sales space of the shop was still selling computers and televisions and other electric goods, meaning that these also included the 10% rebate. Imagine the line of senior citizens each having a television or computer in their shopping trolley. Well not all, but a lot. Last week my husband asked at the cash desk on Tuesday whether the electronic goods were also included in the special card, he was just too late. They have now taken these goods out of the assortment and are now being sold in separate parts of the supermarket in their own shops. They are no longer included. Somehow I think a small mistake had been made, or they did not realise the interest in the senior citizens to learn computer or buy a new television.

It is nice to have these special reductions, but slowly I do prefer the normal shopping days, where there are not too many people and you do not have to drive round the parking twice until finding somewhere for the car. I had another small shock today, Saturday is 15th August. This probably does not say much to most people living in other countries, but it is Asumption day. If you are catholic you know what it is, if you are not catholic then you do not, but one way or the other it means that in the Swiss catholic Kantons (states/counties) all the shops are closed. Now as this is a Saturday, then good luck to all that want to do the week-end shopping on Friday. At least it is not a senior citizen 10% reduced day.

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