Thursday, 13 August 2009

MULTIPLY United Friends Challenge #170: Just leave it to Phil

Sumax's Challenge

There's an empty room with a smashed plate on the floor and food dripping down the wall near the door.
In a short story, tell us what might have happened ... and don't make it the obvious wife/husband or sibling argument..

"Well what do you think Kate?“

Kate looked at Phil as if he was something from another planet.

“Phil are you serious? First of all I have to help you to empty the room. Most of the furniture is in the living room and the rest in the cellar because I thought you were going to do some redecorating. We decided when we bought the house that this room would be a sort of study for you and me. You have your desk and drawing board on the one side of the room and I have my sewing machine and needles and threads on the other side. This does not look like you are going to go ahead with this.”

Phil had to think quick to make sure Kate got convinced that what he was now going to do was one of the best ideas he had ever had. He knew she was not happy when he decided to turn the garden into a rose garden. The plants all died with mildew. His next idea was tropical fish. Unfortunately there was a power cut one night due to an electric storm and they were all dead in the morning as the water had got too cold. His new plan was so good that he just wanted to surprise Kate. “So how do I convince her.”

“Phil you owe me an explanation and answer, and now please. I thought I at last had somewhere where I could make my own clothes and now the room is empty. What happens next?”

“It’s my new hobby Kate.”

“What is your new hobby Phil? Do you need the complete room?”

“Not quite, just part of one wall will do, but until I have finished the preparations it is better when the room is empty. This evening you will see what it is all about.”

Later in the evening Phil and Kate sat down to the evening meal.

“Phil what are you doing? Did you invite someone to dinner that you have put three plates on the table.”

“It’s all part of the new me. I will now be successful in life, I am sure. My name will be in the magazines, television, just let me get on with it. I will do the cooking this evening.”

Kate was glad to let him get on with it so Phil started frying the eggs, bacon and potatoes for the evening meal and arranged them on the three plates. On the one plate he garnished the food with two large spoonfuls of tomato ketchup.

“Phil what the ....”

“Just wait Kate and watch. Now give me that plate with the ketchup.”

Kate knew that Phil was a bit of an individualist at the best of times. It was Phil’s idea to arrive at their wedding by parachute where they both landed outside the church. They did at least have something completely different in the wedding photo album, so she was not really surprised.

Phil now carried the plate into the empty room and walked across the room. He then pulled his arm backwards, the one where the hand contained the plate and threw it with all his might. The plate hit the wall next to the door and naturally broke, some of the pieces remaining stuck between the wall and the mixture of egg, bacon and ketchup and the remainder landing on the floor. The food was now running down the wall.

“Do you see Kate, how great that looks? Now if I had not emptied the room everything would have been messy.”

“Great Phil, just wonderful; so can we now wash the wall down, sweep the crockery chips away and put the furniture back in the room. Or did you want to lick the sauce off the wall?”

“Kate honey, we now leave it all to dry until tomorrow morning and then phase two of my plan will be realised.”

Kate decided to say nothing, after all Phil had his good side as well. She was just curious to know what would happen “tomorrow morning with phase two”. Phil was up early in the morning and Kate was still sleeping when she heard the noise of an electric saw which did wake her quite abruptly. She arose from the bed; no she shot out of the bed, and ran to where the noise was coming from. Phil was sawing the dried up remains of last night’s dinner for the third guest out of the wall.

“Don’t worry Kate; I will fill in the hole with plaster when I am finished. Now look at that, it really looks good. I am sure that is going to be a winner.”

“A winner?”

“Honey that’s the surprise; down at the local art gallery they are running a competition for the most modern and impressive work of art and that is my entry. I have at last discovered my artistic vain.”

What could Kate do?

“How much is the prize money Phil?” She was a practical person.

“Ten thousand and a contract which confirms that the next art works I produce will be exhibited at their gallery.”

Yes Phil won (Kate knew he would) and he became well known for his “action” works of art. So if your husband starts cooking just stay cool like Kate. You never know!

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