Tuesday, 11 August 2009

MULTIPLY Creative Challenge #65: Drown

Along the River Aare, Solothurn

In Memory of George Baldock October 1860-May 1866

In eighteen-hundred-and-sixty-six on one fine day in May
Little Georgie Baldock had finished his dinner and decided to go out and play
He lived with his parents in the country, the family worked on a farm
Had so many brothers and sisters at home and his life was happy and calm

He was the second oldest, Edward was the elder brother
Life was simple but he was loved and had a wonderful mother
He told Edward he wanted to fish, he had a stick and line
There was a pond in the field near bye so everything was fine

Little George took his line and rod and sat at the side of the pond
It was very near to the house where he lived and to the family of which he was fond
It was a calm and peaceful day, a Sunday in all its glory
But then little George fell into the pond, such a tragic story

His brother Edward rushed to the spot and could not see his brother
There was only his cap floating on the surface and so he called his mother
Mother Baldock came as quick as she could, but saw nothing, she was in despair
She walked into the muddy water, but Georgie was not there

She called and shouted for others to come, she was not feeling brave
The neighbours came rushing one by one, Mother Baldock’s son to save
Alas there was no trace of him, the water was so deep
The policeman arrived and dived in the water, and found little Georgie asleep

A sad procession returned to the village, all faces wore a frown
It was on this unforgettable day in May that Georgie Baldock drown
There was an inquest in the local courts, all witnesses were called
Although the verdict was accidental death, the family remained appalled

It is more than one-hundred-and-fifty years later but his death is not forgot
The granddaughter of his youngest sister did research and quite a lot
She found the records of Georgie’s death and keeps them guarded well
She found that George should not be forgotten and his story I now do tell

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