Tuesday, 23 June 2009

MULTIPLY Visual Aid #13: An Innocent World?


The children play their games
They know not what can be
We keep them safe from harm
Protected, their speech is free

But fighting is on the streets
People are being killed
They are speaking for their rights
Was this what the people willed?

The rulers, they were chosen
but was the voting fair?
They are sitting in their mansions
For the children they do not care

As long as they have power
The army does the rest
They are mindless taking orders
Put innocents under arrest

But the rulers keep their wealth
Suppress voices saying no

This might not be your country
But who knows how far it will go

You think you have safe lives
This cannot happen here
Be careful who you trust
There are elements bringing fear

It really seems so harmless
You are sure that things are well
The leaders they don’t care
If the children go to hell

So trust not in empty promises
You might think it’s best for the land
Don’t forget you have no power
You just do what they command

Look around at other places
There are countries on the map
They know no fair elections
Their lives are one big trap

And when you hear the news
Don’t look the other way
You are allowed to see the truth
Let us hope this way it will stay

Visual Aid #13

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