Tuesday, 23 June 2009

MULTIPLY: Pictures and Words Week 4: The Lion

Hello everyone, just take a look
I won’t bite and between are bars
Don’t feel sorry for me, take a seat and listen
I will tell you my memoirs

I was born so free, somewhere in the bush
My mum did all the work
My dad just watched and lazed around
my mum said he was a jerk

Then came the day when I was caught
And travelled far from home
I cannot complain, I was given some food
but was not allowed to roam

So now you see me in this zoo
I really do not feel sad
I don’t have to hunt, I have no stress
It is here I remain, not so bad

Have a nice clean cage, a loving wife
I have everything that I need
Now just imagine If I was not here
I would have to search for some feed

A lion’s life in the wild is not fun
It rains, it can pour, you are wet
It’s much nicer here, no stress and no hunger
And you think it is wrong, please forget

Do you really think I want to wander miles
When all I need is some sleep
I even have a wife in this place
We have cubs as well, so neat

The wife says the same, now if we were free
She would have to do all the work
We are admired by you people, you pay for the fun
I can really only smirk

I am still the King of the jungle of course
But here it is really so fine
Come wife give a scratch, it is feeding time
Cubs follow your mum, keep in line

So do not feel sorrow for me or my wife
We enjoy our lazy days
Who cares for a jungle and all the dangers
Here are much safer ways

Pictures and Words Week 4

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