Monday, 29 June 2009

MULTIPLY Rita's "Riting" Challenge #28: The Bridge

It must be at least twenty years since I came here. How things change so quickly. I nearly missed the place altogether, the paths grown over with long grass stalks and even the bridge beginning to show its age. I do not really know why I am here again, but I suppose memories drag you back to their origins and I did actually like John, well I did, but things can change so quickly.

The water was deep after the fresh rainfalls and tore its way through the countryside. The more it flowed the more speed and the noise was full volume under the bridge.

“Hey John, looks like a fairly strong current today.”

“Yea Flo, be glad when the dam is built, then there won’t be any more water flowing through.”

“Well, I don’t know John, it is really a romantic place to be, as we know quite well, don’t we? You and I together on the bench with the sound of water rushing past; just perfect for a romantic evening together.” Flo said with a glimmer in her eyes.

“You said it Flo, so let’s go home now, otherwise your mother and father might start getting worried, and I have to do some night shift tonight at the factory.”

Now John really thought I was stupid. He was just trying to avoid me lately and I know why. Wendy told me that she saw him at the bridge holding hands with that blond freak of a girl called Judy, and they were kissing. Just wait John, you and your nightshift; time that I did some night work as well.

It was a very romantic night, the crickets were chirping in the grass on the bank of the river, it was full moon and its reflection in the water made it look like a giant yellow balloon hanging in the sky. I just had the feeling that John did not have eyes for all that stuff. He was too busy with his hands exploring the blond bombshells body qualities and she seemed to be enjoying it. I decided on that evening that the long grass on the banks of the river can be really good for a hiding place. So there they were at our favourite place on the bench, doing the things that John and I usually did. He even seemed to be enjoying it and her giggles and sighs were really getting on my nerves. I should have been there in his arms, but just you wait you cow. Now they seem to be finished, she was buttoning up her blouse and he was manoeuvring around the front of his trousers putting things back in order. I suppose he will now say a quick goodbye and go on home.

At least he does when I am with him, but just look at that they are stepping up on the bridge and gazing sort of dreamy in their reflections. I must get a bit nearer to see what they are talking about.

“Judy you are the finest girl I have ever met, you have the most beautiful eyes, I just can’t get enough of you.”

“John I love you as well, but what about Flo. I thought she was your girl.”

“Forget it Judy; that was before I met you. She doesn’t want a boyfriend, just someone to pay for her and go out with; now you, Judy; that is really something different. I have given a few hints to Flo that I don’t have much interest any more. No, Judy, Flo is not for me, you are the girl I love. I have something for you.”

“Oh, John, that is just beautiful.”

It was then the light of the moon reflected on the diamond ring he was giving her. Not just a ring, but an engagement ring. I then had to act quickly; I crept up on the bridge behind them. They only had eyes for each other, and I gave our blond princess a good push. Unfortunately she grabbed onto John and they both landed in the strong current of the river flowing under the bridge. I did not really intend for John to get a watery grave, but things do not always turn out as they should.

So these many years later, I think it was perhaps a good job they built the dam down stream and the river dried up. They did find the bodies about two months later and it was just recorded as an unfortunate accident.

Think I better be getting home, the bridge just does not look the same without the water flowing below.

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