Sunday, 28 June 2009

MULTIPLY Mono Monday Plus #51 (MM #65)

Bee in MarigoldI really did not have any bright ideas this week for something mono, so I started with this photo of a bee that settled on one of my marigolds and decided to do a monochrome of it in Piknik, bringing back the colours of the bee. I also did a frame around it in Piknik and a bit of a dark vignette around the edges. I also touched up the black and white with the contrast and brightness. Here is the result.

Bee in Marigold

Larger Size

I was also a bit at a loss for something plus. Anyhow I took a photo of my flower box this week with the geraniums and I had a photo already of the Arc de triomphe that I took once on one of my stays in Paris.

GeraniumsArc de Triomphe by night

I then put the geraniums into CS3 Photoshop and removed the background with the magic wand and I layer a sky in the background. I then cut the arc de triomphe out with the magic wand removing the sky, tree and people and complete with lampost constructed a photo with the geraniums. I did a bit of clowning of the arc to make it look as if it was in the geraniums and there we are. I did the mirror frame in Piknik. I really did not have any brilliant ideas this week for something to do.

Arc de triumph & geraniums

Larger Size

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