Monday, 29 June 2009

MULTIPLY United Friends Challenge #157: Grumpy in the morning

Kittigory's Challenge

What color is your love? Tell us in a poem which may include anything BUT the word "color".
- You may write about romantic love, parental love, filial love, or platonic love.
- No poem should be fewer than three lines.
- You may choose to write in any poetic form that is comfortable for you. Just be sure you adhere to the rules of the form you choose.
- Please tell us the form you choose to write in.

Note: No photographs or graphics, thank you/

Please read the Challenge carefully - there are several criteria to adhere to.

I think this is a Quatrain (but basically have not got a clue)

Black was the night when we first met
Thunder and lightening sounded
But I saw the love reflected in your eyes
from mine, we were really grounded

I lived with my mother, you lived far away
Our courtship was not so intense
But I knew what I wanted, and so did you
We got married to make it all sense

It was then I discovered that when you awoke
You were completely grumpy
The first morning you threw the cornflakes on the floor
Because you said they were lumpy

That was not good, it was very bad
And then you loaded the gun
I decided to go and hide in the closet
I had nowhere to run

But after an hour you were your loving self
No trace of bad temper, it was over
You told me you loved me, forever and ever
I forgave you and we were in clover

I soon discovered that this was your way
You were always crabby so early
I had to think it over, find a plan
In the morning you were always so surly

The first morning was a shock to tell the truth
But that was just the beginning
The second day your mood was worse
I had no chance of winning

You looked at me with you eyes so grim
And shouted “You are lazy and vain”
And then you chased me with whip in the hand
You did not even stop to explain

I ran for my life, to the garden I went
And hid myself in the shed
But half an hour later, you suddenly got tired
And we both went together to bed

I spoke to your mother, she said it is true
You are often bad tempered in the morning
But it soon comes to pass, it is just a plain fact
I should just accept as a warning

I will never forget when the tea had got cold
You decided it was time to strangle
I kicked you in the *****, you had so much pain
You calmed down, it was a new angle

I decided the best was to leave the bed
Some time before you awoke
You spent a full hour looking for me at home
The window you even broke

Nobody is perfect, I love you so much
Even with your morning attack
The priest he said for better or worse
Waking up with you is just black

Yes love can find so many ways
Life is not always a bowl of cherries
But we belong to each other, even on the black days
Don’t say sorry, just tell it to the fairies.

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