Saturday, 20 June 2009

The Great Escape

Fluffy watching tv

Just a nice peaceful photo of our blind cat Fluffy. He fell asleep in front of the tv. This morning it was not so peaceful. This is how it all begun.

Mr. Swiss got out of bed and I was still dozing. I then heard the call of desperation. Fluffy has got out. Our little blind Fluffy hammered around on the cat door enough during the night to shift the lock and escaped. It was 07.30 in the morning, so what do you do. Well this morning I cast all thoughts about looking good to the wind. I jumped out of bed (in a far as my broken arm would allow), put something on, packed my mobile telephone in my pocket and was out in the search party. In the meanwhile my other half had done the same and we started to look for a small white fluffy blind cat hoping that he had not become another road victim on the main road that passes through the village. Our other two cats, and most of the cats living on our estate, never go to that road. They sense that it is dangerous. Fluffy senses nothing, although blind life seems to be one big adventure for him and we knew that as soon as he was out, he was on his way.

To complicate things, the grass has grown very high and not yet been harvested, so if he was sitting in the grass you definitely would not find him. After touring the complete area, down to the River, the grounds of the local villa and all the paths, we had not found Fluffy. I met the postman on the way and told him of the problem, so he said he would keep an eye open, probably remembering the day when I once brought one of his tortoises home that escaped. It was taking a walk through the village. There are advantages of living in a small village where everyone knows everyone else sometimes. On my search one of the neighbours who actually lives opposite, saw me and asked if I was looking for something. I told her it was my cat and she said she knows the one as she often sees my husband going for a walk with him on the lead and promised she would pay attention.

I arrived home with no Fluffy, and so did my husband. I then phoned another neighbour. She lives in a higher block on the third floor, and promised to keep an eye from her balcony to see if she could see Fluffy.

Time passed, it was now almost 9 o'clock and still no Fluffy. Then my hubby decided to cross the main road and have a look on the other side in the castle grounds etc. etc. During the night there is almost no traffic and the chance was that Fluffy had crossed the road during the night. We did not even know when he escaped.

I stayed at home and just hoped, but had almost given up when the doorbell rung. It was my neighbour from next door. She told me that her husband was out in the garden and a lady came past and said she had seen a familiar cat huddle in the corner of the pavement at the end of the village. It seemed to be Fluffy, and my neighbour called her husband, but there was no answer. He had disappeared. I called my other half to say what was happening and all we could do was wait.

I must now say what wonderful people I know, especially my next door neighbours. They are a young married couple and have a baby and a cat. When her husband heard where Fluffy was, he decided there was no time to lose and sprinted, ran, as fast as possible to make sure Fluffy did not wander off. I would have needed at least 5-10 minutes to walk there and I cannot drive the car at the moment with my broken arm.

In the meanwhile my husband returned and we were just hoping and waiting that the neighbour had success. Were we relieved when he arrived with Fluffy in his arms. My neighbour was a hero and we were so glad and thankful. He really ran all the way to get our Fluffy. What wonderful neighbours we have. We were so glad to have Fluffy again. The rest of the morning my husband spent on reinforcing the cat flap. It was always fixed that the cats can only enter and not leave, but Fluffy just pushed too hard. The cat flap is now immovable from the inside.

Later on in the day the neighbour opposite phoned to ask if we had found our cat. I think Fluffy is now the most famous cat in the village. How lucky we were that he crossed the main road and survived. We are still looking for the lady that told our neighbour she saw him. It seems she was driving on the main road and saw him from the car, turned back into our village and told the neighbour. She herself had an appointment somewhere so she left. We are not sure who she is, but my husband thinks it is a lady he often sees when he goes for a walk with Fluffy.

What did Fluffy do when back at home. Well his first movement was for food and water, s
econd movement to his cat box and third movement - let's try and see if I can get through the cat flap and go for a walk.

I don't think I will ever understand the workings of a feline mind.

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