Saturday, 20 June 2009

MULTIPLY The Dare: The Bug

June Bugs

Did someone say about daring to show a bug. My photo section on the computer and Flickr are crawling with them. One of my hobbies, if it flies, creeps or crawls, then take a photo. I took this photo two days ago.

It is now the month of June and time for our June Bugs to go on their marriage flight. They are very punctual. About 09.15 in the evening you see them swarming from the ground up to the higher places. About 30 minutes later they have found what they are looking for and the spicy bit starts. They live as a weevil in the ground for a year or so. Eventually they go through their metamorphosis and are then fully grown June bugs. Their only purposes as a bug seems to meet another bug (of the opposite sex of course) and after high life in the trees the ladies lay their eggs and die.

I would say a short but happy life probably. By the way they have really ugly children but I will spare you with a photo. I am sure their mothers love them.

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