Sunday, 21 June 2009

MULTIPLY Writing Prompt #20: Once More, with Feeling

They took me away to another place
But inside my head,things are on fire
I hated my mum and also my dad
They were the ones that made me go haywire
Ok, now dad was a man who liked his drink
And mum, well she loved lines of cocaine
I watched and waited until the chance came
And it did again and again
It was an accident that the house burnt down
Amazing what some matches can do
Little children should not play with fire
And now they say my mind is cuckoo
Who cares what I hate I push on one side
That’s the way to come through life
In the school had no friends, I hated all
But I got my revenge with a knife
It was all her fault, she laughed at my hair
So I enjoyed a physical push
They found her in time, I couldn’t care less
She was the victim of an ambush
After school things got better, I worked in a shop
We were selling freshly killed meat
I just loved the work, it suited my likes
Oh yes, it was really up my street
But soon my hatred again started growing
Then the day came when I met Bill
He was rich, and good looking, had all what I wanted
It was inevitable that he would be a good kill
First of all we got married, now that was a gag
I hate sharing things all the way
So I started with poison, little by little
I knew he was not here to stay
After the poison he got very weak
So I gave him a push down the stair
The police got suspicious, they didn’t believe me
Perhaps because I was the heir
They tried me for murder, but could not decide
I was sent to the funny farm
I decided I hated all doctors and nurses
‘Twas then that I caused an alarm
They found out the truth of my somewhat dark life
They said I was not very sane
I am now put away and kept all alone
Seems something is wrong with my brain
Or course this is wrong, am misunderstood
But I think they will just have to wait
I have planned to use dynamite, made it myself
Oh yes, it’s a thing with this hate

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