Wednesday, 6 May 2009

MULTIPLY Visual Aid #8: Am I Dissolving?


I feel like,
I am certain that, I am dissolving
surely and slowly
My feet no longer rooted on the ground
Fraying like a pullover where the thread is hanging
Just a slight pull and it unravels
Until there is nothing left
The future becomes a mist
No longer something tangible
End Station?
There used to be a time when it all was worth while
I was whole, complete
Carrying out my duty, being obedient
perhaps waiting for the inevitable pat on the head
One day just a hand shake and thank you
We will keep in touch
No-one keeps in touch
Perhaps the rest exist no longer
I have already sunk into the inevitable oblivion
of life
Counting the days, weeks, months and years
Even the minutes
Looking forward to what?
A rebirth in another time and space?
Or perhaps just close my eyes and be gone
I feel a presence near
I hear the rhythmic breathing together with mine
Time to wake and embrace the day
No, you are not alone

Visual aid #8: Am I Dissolving?

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